Maxillofacial Surgery

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Mandibular Fracture Classification

Specialty:  Dental Surgery
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This video discusses some of mandibular fracture classifications. Video Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:36 Kruger's General Classification 04:38 Dingman and Natvig classification05:11 Favourable &...

Maxillo Zygomatic Complex Fracture Open Reduction...

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Video case: plate three points fixation of a Maxillo Zygomatic Complex Fracture in a 16yo male patient.

Transconjuctival Approach

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Video case: transconjuctival approach, demonstrated by dr Mahmoud Ahmed Elfarmawy, lecturer of OMFS, faculty of dentistry, Sinai University, Egypt.

Submental Intubation for a Patient with Complex...

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Patients with panfacial and midfacial fractures for whom intermaxillary fixation is necessary, usually require general anesthesia for surgical reduction of fractures. In cases where orotracheal intubation...

Stomach - Atrophic Gastritis

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Find some chronic gastritis. Why is this also called atrophic? Is there mucosal atrophy? What common gastric mucosal products are decreased in this disease?

Left Pleura Rupture During Laparoscopy

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This video shows left pleura rupture during laparoscopy.

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