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Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy (RARP)...

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Urologic surgeon, Dr. Vip Patel narrrates a step-by-step RARP procedure using various Quill Barbed Suture configurations. Watch and listen as Dr Patel narrates his technique through the following steps:...

Colonoscopy: Sigmoid lipoma loop ligation

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A middle aged patient was referred endoscopic resection of a 6 cm pedunculated polyp with a broad stalk. Adult colonoscope was used. A large polyp was observed occluding the lumen. Epinephrine was injected...

Colonoscopy Channel - EMR of a Large Hemicircumferential...

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EMR of large flat lesions is possible, however is technically challenging and time consuming. It can be done safely by endoscopists with experience in the endoscopic mucosal resection technique and endoscopic...

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