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Implant Micro Surgery: Immediate Implant and...

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This upper right first premolar had a vertical root fracture on the palatal side. Diagnostics with 3D xray revealed good bone above the root to stabilize an implant immediately after tooth removal....

Restoration Digital Work Flow After Immediate...

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This patient has a failing tooth that will be replaced with a dental implant. He also is averse to the traditional impression technique, I call "goopy stuff in a tray". So using the 3 Shape,...

Cosmetic Connective Tissue Grafting for Recession

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This patient presented with gum recession and a cosmetic concern. This grafting was done using tissue from the palate. After suturing the palate we place an acrylic stent to cover the area during healing,...

Immediate Implant Upper Lateral

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Dental implant placement right after tooth extraction is a predictable procedure and with a removable transitional appliance the soft tissue anatomy can be maintained in the smile zone.

Implant Microsurgery: Replacing Broken Implant...

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Occasionally the screw that holds the crown to the dental implant breaks. These can be replaced with a simple procedure.

Treatment of the "Black Triangle" with...

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Bioclear bonding is a cosmetic procedure that can treat gum recession in between teeth.

Immediate Molar Implant

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When a molar is failing under certain circumstances an immediate implant is an option. This video features the Southern Implants MAX implant system.

Immediate Implant Provisional

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 In this video you can see Dr Kwan demonstrating immediate implant provisional microsurgery, non-restorable #9.

Immediate Dental Implant Provisional

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There are times when an immediate implant replacement for a non-restorable tooth is indicated. There are also times when a provisional tooth can be fabricated at the same time. This video demonstrates...

Implant Microsurgery: Failing Implant Site Repair...

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Featuring: Global Microscope, Keystone Accell and Dynagraft D, LifeNet Mineralized Cortical Bone, Implant Direct Legacy System and Bone Profiler

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