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Rubber Dam Step By Step

Specialty:  Other
views: 667 comments: 0

In this video, dr Lazar presents how to isolate teeth with rubber dam step by step.

Rubber Dam Isolation In Anterior Region

Specialty:  Other
views: 718 comments: 0

In this video, dr Lazar presents how to isolate anterior region of teeth with rubber dam.

How To Choose The Best Rubber Dam For Your Cases?

views: 497 comments: 0

Rubber dam is mainly used for 2 types of treatments: Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry. For endodontics, we need a rubber dam that is flexible, easy to put on and to manipulate. For this reason, the...

Tips and Trick Isolation With Rubberdam Multiple...

views: 750 comments: 0

In this video, dr Griya shows us how to isolate multiple anterior teeth with rubberdam.

Tips And Tricks To Deliver Two Ceramic Overlays...

Specialty:  Prosthodontics
views: 603 comments: 0

Tips and tricks to deliver two overlays at the same time with rubber dam: ✅ precise preparations so the overlay will fit properly "locked" in this position. ✅ contact points properly contoured and adjusted...

Tips and Trick Isolation With Rubberdam Lower...

views: 438 comments: 0

This video presents tips and tricks every dentist can use during rubberdam isolation.

20 Mistakes In Rubber Dam Isolation And How to...

views: 658 comments: 0

- Expedite your practical use of the rubber dam by avoiding the most common mistakes done by dentists during daily practice. - Get on the fast track to next level results in restorative dentistry by properly...

Precision and isolation - Webinar

views: 521 comments: 0

Rubberdam, magnification, deep marginal elevation, preps and other hot topics were discussed with our friend Jose Roberto Moura during Insta dental talk.

Deep Margin Elevation - Clinical Case

views: 1818 comments: 0

This case is about deep marginal elevation, ceramic overlay and isolation. We will discuss strategies for proximal defects management depending on depth. Also tips for rubberdam isolation in such situations...

Braces, Isolation And RCT - Clinical Case

views: 617 comments: 0

In this clinical review, we will discuss a case in which patients presented with acute pain after primary endodontic treatment in another clinic. The situation was complicated by the fact that braces...

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