Tips And Tricks To Deliver Two Ceramic Overlays In The Same Time With Rubber Dam

11 months ago

Case description

Tips and tricks to deliver two overlays at the same time with rubber dam: ✅ precise preparations so the overlay will fit properly "locked" in this position. ✅ contact points properly contoured and adjusted by the technician. ✅ placement of the rubber dam in such a way that it will not push the teeth towards the mesial and hence making the insertion of the overlays impossible without re-adjusting the contact points. ✅ use a medium sheet instead of heavy if you feel that the tension reflected on the teeth is hard to manage. ✅ use heated composite, not dual-cure cements - you will have enough time to clean the excess without being rushed by the setting time. ✅ place teflon between the contacts to prevent the extrusion of the composite in those areas. 

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