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Tomasz Kiszka

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Tomasz Kiszka, MD is a specialist in gastroenterology and internal diseases. Head of the Endoscopy Laboratory of the Hospital in Stalowa Wola.

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Large Splenic Flexure Polyps, Polypectomy

views: 5523 comments: 0

Indication for colonoscopy: two large splenic flexure polyps. Elective colonoscopy was performed. One small pedunculated polyp (head diameter 10-12 mm) and one large two-headed polyp with a wide, demanding...

Colovesical Fistula

views: 5059 comments: 0

Indication for colonoscopy: recurrent UTI, foul-smelling urine, positive bacterial urine culture. Constipation. The female patient was hospitalized and initially diagnosed on a urology ward in a district...

Ascending Colon Polyp with Central Depression,...

views: 4595 comments: 0

Indication for the procedure: large ascending colon polyp. Elective polypectomy was performed. The polyp was found in the proximal part of ascending colon. Gelospan was injected in the base of the flat...

Two cecum polyps, polypectomy

views: 4069 comments: 0

Indication for the procedure: cecum polyps. Elective polypectomy was planned. Colonoscope was inserted and advanced to the cecum. Two polyps were found - one flat polyp with diameter of 10 mm and one...

Esophageal Ulcerations - Case

views: 3921 comments: 0

69-year-old female patient was referred for gastroscopy examination in the beginning of April due to acute dysphagia (for 7 days), pain/burning sensation along the sternum, pain in the epigastrium. In...

Ascending Colon Polyp Visible Only in Inverted...

views: 3393 comments: 1

The video shows two small ascending colon polyps. One of the polyps was visible only due to inversion of the endoscope during Bauhin valve intubation. Polypectomy in inversion was performed. How often...

Ascending Colon Polyp

views: 3274 comments: 2

According to the film "Ascending Colon Polyp Visible Only in Inverted Endoscope Position" - the video shows a sessile polyp (diameter 8-10 mm) with improved visibility in narrow band imaging....

Colonoscopy Image Interpretation - Case

views: 2298 comments: 4

Similar lesions were detected in several prior colonoscopy examinations. There was no clear histopathological conclusion. I encourage all the endoscopists to give a guide how to interpret the following...

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