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Excision of a Nodule on the Lid Margin

Nodule of 6 months duration, needs clean excision for biopsy. Also we need to make sure that no part of the nodule is left behind. The surgery is done with Fugo blade.

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Congenital Abnormality in Iris - Glaucoma...

Daljit Singh

Bilateral anterior segment abnormality, one eye blind, other eye has glaucoma. There is corectopia and pull on the iris at the opposite limbus as well as deficiency of iris tissue. No need to perform...

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Advanced Glaucoma a Variation of Filtration...

Daljit Singh

The surgery starts with a 1 mm corneal incision in the cornea, the incision is stained with trypan blue, which acts as a guide, for microtracks made with 200 micron Fugo blade tips. The rest is usual...

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Complicated Aphakic Glaucoma. Microtrack...

Daljit Singh

A case of complicated aphakic glaucoma with abnormal incision line at upper limbus, iris incarceration etc. 2 MTF tracks made at lower limbus with 200 micron tip of Fugo blade,

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MTF in Neovascular Glaucoma - Bleeding During...

Daljit Singh

PXIOL present. A case of neovascular glaucoma. Microtrack filtration 2 tracks with 200 micron Fugo blade tip. Oblique incision for entry in to the anterior chamber, 1.5 mm wide, through which iridectomy...

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Juvenile Glaucoma - Microtrack Filtration

Daljit Singh

Microtrack filtration with Fugo blade has simple philosophy: Make filtration tracks, open sluice gates (iridectomy) and let the fluid move in to channels (lymphatics). Most efficient and effective filtration...

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Double Dermolipoma of Conjunctiva - Aurgery...

Daljit Singh

A double dermolipoma of conjunctiva is removed in a bloodless manner with Fugo plasma blade.

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Naevus Over Canaliculus - Excision with...

Daljit Singh

A large naevus covering the punctum and the canaliculus is ablated with Fugo blade.

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Singh Recession of Inferior Rectus Using...

Daljit Singh

For managing severe hypotropia, one step is weakening of the inferior rectus muscle. My technique removes a block of the muscle, without completely detaching the muscle from the insertion. The surgery...

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Dermoid Limbus Ablation with Fugo Blade

Daljit Singh

A large limbal dermoid is wiped off with Fugo blade, without burning, without charring. Postoperative reaction is nil with Fugo blade surgery.

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Failed Trab, Managed with Microtrack Filtration

Daljit Singh

A failed case of TRAB managed simply by making a microtrack filtration with Fugo blade.

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Excision of a Large Conjunctival Naevus,...

Daljit Singh

The film shows the first two stages of excision of extensive conjunctival naevus. The final touch up shall be done on third surgery. Fugo blade is used to ablate the naevus in a bloodless manner.

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Failed Surgery, Inflammatory Glaucoma -...

Daljit Singh

Twice failed inflammatory glaucoma, this time 4 limbal tracks with Fugo blade, followed by placing kenacort 0.5 mg per ml in the anterior segment,

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Opening a Blocked Canaliculus with Fugo...

Daljit Singh

The block is broken with Fugo blade. The moment it is activated it crosses the blocked segment. Probing is done after this step.

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Bleb Leakage Repair. Could it be Done Better?

Daljit Singh

During a filtration surgery, the sleeve of 100 micron Fugo blade tip came off and stayed in the track line. Later the proximal tip of this compulsory seton eroded through the conjunctiva and caused leakage....

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Pediatric Limbal Naevus

Daljit Singh

A large raised discoid naevus on the limbus in a 5 year old child is removed with the help of Fugo blade. There is no excessive cutting of the conjunctiva as the lesion is most likely benign. Histopathology...

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Fugo Blade Capsulorhexis

Kiranjit Singh

A different way of doing capsulorhexis is with the help of Fugo blade.

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Posterior Polar in a Child

Kiranjit Singh

Big capsulotomy done with Fugo blade, soft lens matter tapped out using viscoelastic, posterior rhexis done, IOL in the bag and a little bit of anterior vitrectomy

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Traumatic Posterior Capsule Rupture

Kiranjit Singh

If on slit lamp examination in such a case of traumatic cataract, the anterior capsule appears flat or concave, that is a sure shot sign of PC rupture. Dry aspiration is the trick. Oval rhexis helps in...

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IOL Implantation in a case of Disorganized...

Kiranjit Singh

After optical iridectomy, a small sized iris claw lens fixed to the back of the iris. Membranectomy done with Fugo blade and anterior vitrectomy done to clear the visual axis.

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Fugo Blade Anterior Capsulotomy in Fibrosed...

Kiranjit Singh

Fibrosed anterior capsule cut with fugo blade nucleus brought in the anterior chamber for emulsification.

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Angle Recession Glaucoma with Traumatic...

Daljit Singh

A young male suffered blunt trauma, causing subluxation of the lens, traumatic mydriasis and uncontrolled IOP of 38 mm. Microtrack filtration, a single track of about 150 micron made with Fugo blade...

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Removal of a Compound Naevus of Conjunctiva

Daljit Singh

The compound naevus is removed with a 100 micron tip of Fugo blade. The limbal are is cleared with a 500 micron tip. The naked area gets healed naturally under a contact lens.The cut in the conjunctiva...

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Ablation of Conjunctival Naevus with Fugo...

Daljit Singh

It is a recurrent naevus, 4 years after the Fugo blade ablation of a much larger lesion. It appears benign. It is just cleaned away with Fugo blade. The tip is cleaned with cotton bud after short intervals....

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Management of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction...

Daljit Singh

Retention of Meibomian secretions and increased pressure inside the ducts, as well as hardened plugs in the duct openings cause great discomfort to the patient. The tarsal plate is mostly the collection...

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Singh Technique of Lateral Rectus Plication,...

Daljit Singh

The basics of Singh technique are: Preservation of the edges of the muscle, so that there is no chance of misalignment ever. This is especially useful in cases of phorias. Second, no suture is passed...

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Fugo Blade Filtration

Daljit Singh

This video is demonstrating the procedure of fugo blade filtration. The surgery in difficult cases becomes easy if the aqueous is reached directly fugo plasma blade is one of the ways. Material with...

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Glaucoma Surgery - Lymphatics in Glaucoma...

Daljit Singh

The video shows how the lymphatics are visable under a silt lamp microscope and on the operating table. The lymphatics may be markered by trypan blue dye. They play a role of flood drains and need to...

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Fugo Blade - Use To Glaucoma Surgery

Daljit Singh

Fugo Blade cuts like excimer laser. It is a nanotechnology way, which produces cutting plasma. Fugo Blade has a multiple uses as well to non-perforating glaucoma surgery, as transciliary filtration and...

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Bloodless excision of lid margin benign...

Vinod Kumar

Use of plasma energy to excise lid margin benign growths in bloodless manner is described in this video clip. Fugo plasma blade was used to perform these surgeries.

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Fugo Plasma Blade Vs Femtosecond Laser as...

Daljit Singh

FDA has approved Fugo Blade on 2000 and Femtosecond Laser on 2010 as plasma technologies, that ablate  tissues. But The Fugo Blade is used in much more types of surgeries. It does that a FS Laser can...

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Removal And Tie Low An Extraocular Muscle

Daljit Singh

The surgery is done with use of Fugo Blade. There is no suture needed.

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MTF Assisted by Collagen Matrix

Daljit Singh

In the area of Microtrack Filtration there is the collagen matrix pre placed. Under the conjunctiva is injected 0,05 % MMC, after that is MTF done. In the anterior chamber are injected miotic and air.

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Glaucoma Surgery - Failed Surgery With Drainage...

Daljit Singh

The filtration surgery at the upper limbus is hard to be done because of a lot of problems with lymphatics and totally scarred upper limbus area. Hence TCF in to posterior chamber, as well as MCF in to...

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Fugo Blade Used In Glaucoma Surgery

Daljit Singh

To reduce intraocular pressure can be used Fugo Blade Technology. The lymphatics are important flood drains. To prevent excessive flow of aqueous and adhesions building is cross-linked sodium hyaluronate...

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Phakoemulsifikation And Microciliary Filtration...

Daljit Singh

After phakoemulsifikation is done filtration. First the conjunctiva is moved towards the limbus with a blunt crystal blade. Through the conjunctiva limbus and iris is protracted the 100 micron Fugo Blade...

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Surgical management of Capsule Contraction...

Vinod Kumar

Another case of capsule contraction syndrome. Patient was earlier operated for glaucoma. IOP became normal after implantation of Kumar's metallic glaucoma drainage device. One year back phaco with implantation...

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Glaucoma - operation with Fugo Blade

Daljit Singh

With use of Fugo Blade plasma energy can a surgeon ablate surfaces and make tracks. In the last years has evaluated this unique property of plasma, which is used to surgery glaucoma treatment.

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Aniridia - transciliary filtration

Daljit Singh

A failed anterior chamber filtration, because of blockage by the iris edge. With the 600 micron Fugo Blade tip is made a transconjunctival transciliary filtration, This technology perks possibility for...

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Tenon cyst formation and failure after earlier...

Daljit Singh

A 40 years old female with VR silicone used and removed. On UBM visible closed filtration track. Present is tenon cyst. Surgery: first 8-9 mm incision is created from limbus, conjunctiva is separated...

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Fugo Blade - singh filtration in a case...

Daljit Singh

Postraumatical dislocation of lens, recession of iridodialysis angle, vitreous hemorrhage.The light protection is not funktional, stark pain occurs. The filtration surgery is necessary. The iris is around...

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Neovascular glaucoma - 80 years old patient...

Daljit Singh

The treatment of neovascular glaucoma by 80 years old patient with IOP 40 mm Hg. First the conjunctiva is everted from limbus, bleeding stopped, with the Fugo Blade 1 mm behind the limbus is created a...

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Entropion surgery for upper lid using Fugo...

Daljit Singh

The lid is unrolled with the hardly Desmar lid retractor. An incision is made on the Arlt line with 100 micron Fugo Blade tip. The incision is advanced gradually, at the same time keeping the pressure...

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Juvenile glaucoma with aniridia and microcornea...

Daljit Singh

Conjunctiva is sliped towards the limbus, than withholded with a sapphire plate. With use of 600 micron Fugo Blade tip is made a 1 mm long groove, through which transciliary filtration is done. The enlargement...

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Fugo Blade - inferior oblique myomectomy

Daljit Singh

Inferior oblique myomectomy - controlled myomectomy with use of Fugo Blade. Dalijt Singh. The incision of the conjunctiva and tenon capsule is made close to the equator of the eyeball, lateral to the...

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Gaucoma TCF, ABA Surgery with use Fugo Blade...

Daljit Singh

The video shows surgical treatment of glaucoma - TCF and ABA technology with MMC using Fugo Blade and one day post operation conditions.

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Baervelt shunt - procedure with use of Fugo...

Daljit Singh

Baervelt shunt - procedure with use Fugo Blade, TCF and atwal ABA.

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Glaucoma TCF, ABA Surgery with use Fugo...

Daljit Singh

Surgical treatment of glaucoma - TCF and ABA technology with MMC using Fugo Blade.

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Glaucoma TCF Surgery with use Fugo Blade...

Daljit Singh

Surgical treatment of glaucoma - TCF technic with MMC using Fugo Blade.

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Capsulotomy in a small eye with use of Fugo...

Daljit Singh

This video shows capsulotomy surgery in the small eye with use of Fugo Blade Nanotechnology

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