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Traumatic Posterior Capsule Rupture

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If on slit lamp examination in such a case of traumatic cataract, the anterior capsule appears flat or concave, that is a sure shot sign of PC rupture. Dry aspiration is the trick. Oval rhexis helps in...

Excision of a Large Naevus Conjunctiva

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6-years old patient with a rather large naevus close to the limbus, and parents fearing that it is growing. It is removed using a Fugo blade. Tenon capsule is kept intact during the process.

Blind Ugly Eye

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A 16-year old boy with disfiguring after multiple operations for injury, asking for eye removal and fixing an artificial eye. I thought it could be managed without enucleation etc. I drained the staphyloma...

Fugo Blade for Glaucoma Surgery

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A simple description of Fugo plasma blade and how it can be used to make filtration tracks for glaucoma. Also how important are the lymphatics for success of glaucoma surgery.

Microtrack Filtration for Glaucoma

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Microtrack filtration for glaucoma, my latest movie. There is slight variation - mixing 200 micron Fugo blade tip and 100 micron tip. The surgery is very easy, atraumatic and offers high rate of success.

Excision of a Nodule on the Lid Margin

Specialty:  Ophthalmology
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Nodule of 6 months duration, needs clean excision for biopsy. Also we need to make sure that no part of the nodule is left behind. The surgery is done with Fugo blade.

Congenital Abnormality in Iris - Glaucoma - MTF

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Bilateral anterior segment abnormality, one eye blind, other eye has glaucoma. There is corectopia and pull on the iris at the opposite limbus as well as deficiency of iris tissue. No need to perform...

Advanced Glaucoma a Variation of Filtration Surgery

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The surgery starts with a 1 mm corneal incision in the cornea, the incision is stained with trypan blue, which acts as a guide, for microtracks made with 200 micron Fugo blade tips. The rest is usual...

Complicated Aphakic Glaucoma. Microtrack at 6...

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A case of complicated aphakic glaucoma with abnormal incision line at upper limbus, iris incarceration etc. 2 MTF tracks made at lower limbus with 200 micron tip of Fugo blade,

MTF in Neovascular Glaucoma - Bleeding During...

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PXIOL present. A case of neovascular glaucoma. Microtrack filtration 2 tracks with 200 micron Fugo blade tip. Oblique incision for entry in to the anterior chamber, 1.5 mm wide, through which iridectomy...

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