pancreatic cancer

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Malignant Afferent Loop Syndrome Obstruction...

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A middle-aged male with a history of pancreatic head cancer s/p Whipple procedure 12 months ago presented with afferent limb syndrome due to malignant obstruction. This was successfully treated with EUS-guided...

Robotic Pancreaticoduodenectomy Performed for...

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Surgical video case: robotic pancreaticoduodenectomy performed for pancreatic head cancer. 

ERCP and SEMS for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

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Video case: 62 years old man with jaundice and pancreatic cancer with loco-regional involvement, ERCP biopsy and uncovered metallic stent deployment.

Laparoscopic Double Bypass in Unresectable Pancreatic...

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67-year-old female patient with unresectable pancreatic cancer infiltrating mesentery. She presented massive weight loss, jaundice (bilirubin 400 µmol/l) and Ca 19-9 - 2630 U/ml. Due to failed ERCP and...

EUS Hepaticogastrostomy

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This video presents a case of a 68 years old female, who suffered from pancreatic cancer diagnosed in October 2016.

Whipple procedure ( Pancreatojejunostomy )

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This video describes safe pancreatojejunostomy during Whipple procedure. Video by Dr Ilya Gotsadze.

Whipple I Dissection

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This video shows a resection of pancreatic cancer with the Si robotic system. Robotic surgery allows for improved and magnified visualization of anatomical structures during pancreatic cancer surgery.

Extended Radical Antegrade Modular PancreatoSplenectomy...

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In this very short video we describe the final part of mobilization stage of the surgery for locally advanced pancreatic cancer. It was the rare case when tumor had extended local growth in gastric wall....

Isolated Colonic Varices on Hepatic Flexure

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Unusual finding of isolated colonic varices on hepatic flexure due to thrombosis of v. mesenterica superior as a consequence of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer: EUS-guided Fine Needle Aspiration...

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Woman, 75 y-old, with severe abdominal pain. CT scan showed a mass in the head of the pancreas and liver metastases. Indicated EUS for the diagnosis (FNA) and celiac plexus neurolysis (alcohol (100%)...

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