endoscopic submucosal dissection

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ESD/EMR in Ascending Colon

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Endoscopic video case: lesion in ascending colon resected in combined ESD/EMR manner... pulsatile bleeding management ... and clipping. 

ESD That Goes Smoothly

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Endoscopic submucosal dissection video case. 

Small Lesion Rectal Untroubled ESD

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Endoscopy video case: small lesion rectal untroubled ESD.

Ileocolic Intussusception of Ileal Lipoma as...

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Endoscopic video case: lipomas are benign, and usually submucosal, mesenchymal tumors. Gastrointestinal lipomas are located primarily in the right colon, and to a lesser extent, in the small intestine....

ESD of a Gastric Lesion. Use of Traction Wire.

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Traction methods are essentially used to facilitate visualization of the submucosal layer, thus enabling accurate identification of the cutting line and submucosal vessels. Traction is thus a promising...

Early Gastric Cancer Treatment

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Video case: early gastric cancer treatment. Endoscopic submucosal dissection.

Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection in a Rectal...

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Endoscopic submucosal dissection in a rectal lateral spreading tumor extending to the dentate line - part 2 55x45 mm/ LST-G-H (homogeneous type)/ Paris IIa/ NICE-type II/ en bloc R0 resection/ F2 fibrosis/...

Procedure of ESD

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This video presents a case of a 61 years old female, who suffered from atrophic gastritis diagnosed in 2004 and treated by VIT B12 injection monthly. 07/2018: gastroscopy showed the relapse of the antral...

ESD of LST-G in Ascending Colon - Unedited Video...

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15 min unedited video of ascending colon LST-G endoscopic submucosal dissection.

ESD of Circumferential Rectal Polyp – Total Rectal...

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ESD of circumferential rectal polyp – total rectal mucosal endoscopic resection. Tunneling endoscopic submucosal dissection of giant rectal adenoma. Circumferential polyp involving rectal mucosa from...

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