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Craniotomy - Opening and Closure

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Left occipital craniotomy for brain tumor. Intraoperative use of HILAN Pneumatic Motor System with a speed of 90.000 rpm by 8 bar (120psi) (brand undisclosed), CRANIOFIX-Titanium Clamps (11mm) (brand...

Evacuation of Acute Subdural Hematoma

Specialty:  Neurosurgery
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Right-sided craniotomy and evacuation of acute subdural hematoma in the wake of a fall. Video by Brett Osborn

Craniotomy For Neurocysticercosis

Specialty:  Neurosurgery
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The video shows a craniotomy for resection of a symptomatic neurocysticercosis cyst (Taenia solium) that failed medical treatment. Humans are definitive hosts but they can become also accidental secondary...

Brain tumor-Trigeminal Schwannoma - Microsurgical...

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Left temporal craniotomy, sub temporal / trans tentorial approach, microsurgical total excision. 40 year-old gentleman presented with trigeminal pain left half of face, know to have multiple neurofibromas....

Brain Aneurysm - Anterior Communicating Artery...

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These aneurysms are one of the most common sites of brain aneurysms.they commonly present with subarachnoid haemorrhage, head ache, vomiting,altered sensorium,microsurgical obliteration is treatment of...

Craniotomy and Biopsy

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In this video the author presents craniotomy and biopsy. Medical Animations by High Impact Graphics. Learn more at or give us a call at 800-749-2184.