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How to Perform MVR in Patient with Small LA Easily...

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Surgical technique video case: MVR in patient with small LA with both LA and RA separation technique. 

ESRD Patient with Dialysis Candidate for BE Excision...

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In this video we show you how to perform mitral valve BE evacuation and MVR in patient with ESRD dependent on dialysis with short cross clamp time and minimum level usage of Cardioplegia.

Patient with Mitral Valve BE and as a Source...

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Video case: brain embolism and CVA due to BE and mitral valve mobile vegetation undergone MVR and mitral valve replacement LAA left open to impede further abcess formation.

Patient with MV Bacterial Endocarditis and TV...

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Clinical video case: MV endocarditis and TV endocarditis and LAA infection undergone MVR and TVR and LAA infection removal.

Aortic Stump Perforation Management after MVR...

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Surgical technique video: how to manage cannulation site blow out which is really rare in ICU OH? Rapid and safe sequences.

Simultaneous MVR and Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair...

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In this video case I described how to perform two simultaneous hard operations with each other easily. Sam Zeraatiannejaddavani Attending Professor of IUMS and CEO of ADKWA RMRC.

Mitral Valve Replacement How to Handle the Big...

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A short presentation on some of the techniques used to address MAC (mitral annular calcification) is followed by an operative video demonstrating several of the techniques. Techniques include mechanical...

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