Calot's triangle

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Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (Fundus-First Technique)

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Laparoscopic surgery is the gold standard for operative treatment of gallbladder diseases globally. This is usually done via the "duct-first" approach. However, when there is extensive fibrosis...

Aspiration or Suture Traction of the GB

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Surgical video case: difficult laparoscopic cholecystectomy, adhesions to the omentum, falciform ligament, anterior abdominal wall, and diaphragm. The GB is distended, and its wall is so thick that...

Critical View of Safety

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The critical view of safety is a "window" crossed by two structures: the cystic duct and artery. This is achieved by exposing the base of the liver bed and dissecting Calot's triangle free of...

Acute Cholecystitis Impact of Blunt Dissection

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In some cases, laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) may be difficult to perform in patients with acute cholecystitis (AC) with severe inflammation and fibrosis. The Tokyo Guidelines 2018 (TG18) expand the...

Gross Anatomy Of Upper Abdominal Viscera

Akram Jaffar

Specialty:  Anatomy
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The film shows some of the upper abdominal viscera on plastic model. Video by Dr. Akram Jaffar, Department of Medical Neuroscience Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick.

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