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Cleft Palate Secondary Closure with Iliac Crest...

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Extraction of 12 in an elder patient turned in an oronasal fistula. Autogenous bone collected from the iliac crest is a good choice for its closure. M. Maglione, R. Rizzo, T. Rizzo, CMF University...

Glucocorticoid Induced Osteoporosis and Fractures...

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Buy PDFs here: I design my own shirts please support :) "Glucocorticoids are used in many inflammatory, autoimmune conditions. While being used to treat an underlying disease...

Bone graft 21 from External Oblique Ridge and...

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Autogenous Block Bone graft from External Oblique Ridge Video by Dermot McNulty

Working Bones Fractures, Types And Mechanisms...

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In this video the author presents fracture types and the mechanisms of injury. There are many types of fractures, however the main types are described as either displaced, non-displaced, open and closed....

The Working Bones - Fracture

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In this video you can see the working bones - fracture.

Guided Tissue Regeneration and FGG Surgery, #25

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This video shows guided tissue regeneration and fgg surgery for extended tooth longevity. The Reganato Lecture Series.

Ridge Augmentation 101

Anthony J Reganato

Specialty:  Other
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This video shows ridge augmentation 101. The Reganato Lecture Series.

Pouch Technique, II - Extraction #9 with GBR-Socket...

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This video shows pouch technique for membrane application; preservation of labial bone plate. The Reganato Lecture Series.

BSB Implant Placement #5, into Mineross Regenerated...

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In this video you can see implant placement, #5 site, into mineross-laterally augmented bone.optimal implant placement with prior site development. The Reganato Lecture Series.

4-Mini Implant Overdenture - Model Demonstration

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The material presents 4-mini implant overdenture. The Reganato Lecture Series.

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