ascending aorta replacement

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4th Time Redo Operation for Patient with Previous...

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In this video we show you patient with hx of CMVC and AVR and Ascending Aorta replacement came with redissection undergone 4th time redo with conversion of Cabrol operation to innominate artery bypass...

Novel Technique for Trido Arch Dissection Operation...

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In this video we show trido operation of patient who undergone AVR for the first time then ascending aorta replacement for the second time and came with tubular graft rupture and pseudo aneurysm for the...

Open Surgical Repair of TAAA

Wei Liu

Specialty:  Cardiac Surgery
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A 39-year old male patient with Marfan Syndrome, diagnosed Type A dissection and underwent ascending aorta replacement with stented elephant trunk and ascending aorta - right femoral artery bypass 1.5...

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