Focal patches of cortical layer disruption – did we solve the mystery of autism?

iStock_000016507590XSmallScientists from the University of California, San Diego Health Sciences and Allen Institute for Brain Science discovered that six layered structure of cortex is focally disrupted in autistic patients. Their results suggest that autism begins long before birth whereas environmental factors influence further disease development. Read full text »

New anatomical structure in the cornea of ​​the human eye

Anatomy of a normal human being is undoubtedly fascinating and extremely complex field of science. Countless anatomical structures have been described and characterized by experts over the years. It turns out that the process of learning another secrets of the human anatomy is not over yet. This was proved by professor Harminder Singh Dua, an ophthalmologist at the University of Nottingham, who presented the updated histology of the human cornea in the journal “Ophthalmology” in May this year. Read full text »