Magnesium intake and coronary artery calcifications

iStock_000024649569XSmallAn article written by researchers from Massachusetts (USA) and published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) Cardiovascular Imaging suggests that a higher total magnesium intake is associated with smaller amount of coronary artery calcifications. Read full text »

Psychocardiology – diagnostic problems in cardiology

Psychocardiology is a field of psychosomatic. Psychosomatic is a discipline which investigates the influence of psychological factors and environment on human health and physiology. It is a interdisciplinary branch which connects scientist knowledge from psychiatry and general medicine. One of its subcategory is psychocardiology. It is especially important since cardiovascular diseases are the most common civilization-related diseases and number one cause of death worldwide (WHO 2008).(1) Among the important risk factors of the cardio-vascular diseases are psychosocial aspects. Read full text »