The French artificial heart

Cardiology – one of the fastest developing specializations, again takes a major step forward. After percutaneous interventions of stenting, valve replacements, atrial septal defect occlusion, atrial appendage occlusion, time has come for even greater interference in human heart’s structure. Now the scientists get closer to the total replacement of insufficient ventricles with artificial heart. Although, the mankind has dreamt of placing a machine inside the chest for generations, the mechanism of similar size, weight, and functioning as a human heart has not been created until now. The task has been accomplished by a French research group that developed a prototype named CARMAT. This artificial heart model has been recently launched into the first phase of clinical testing and this year it is to be implanted into several patients. Read full text »

Implantable artificial kidney – a chance for a better life

Kidneys – the filter of our body which is constantly working to ensure the proper composition of the blood by purifying it and removing waste products. They keep their efficiency for a long time even if their cells are very damaged and for that reason in case of pathology it is often too late for the treatment due to the fact that the changes are already very advanced. In these cases, drug treatment often fails and the renal replacement therapy is now limited to dialysis or transplantation. But even these solutions have their disadvantages. Read full text »