Monoclonal antibody in the treatment of multiple myeloma

iStock_000025815091_Full (1)Multiple myeloma (MM) is considered to be an incurable disease. However, with the release of Daratumumab by the US FDA in November 2015 there is a real hope for patients suffering from this chronic disease. The drug was registered for patients with MM in whom the use of elementary line treatment, with the proteasome inhibitor (PI) and an immunomodulating agent, was ineffective.

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Future in management of food allergies – recent achievements

digital illustration antibodiesFood allergies are very common in children (6-8%) and sometimes they can even be life-threatening. Also, the quality of life of young patients and their families is severely affected. Currently, therapy of allergy is limited to avoidance of allergens and “rescue” pharmacological treatment. More and more doctors believe that the future is in active approach to the problem. Anticipatory testing, early introduction of potential food allergens, and active tolerance induction are the basis of the new model of treatment. Read full text »

Antibody will identify deposits in vessels

Scientists are working on developing a tagged antibody, which will identify atherosclerotic plaque and fat in the walls of arteries. Deposits are threatening with wall rupture and thrombus, so as a consequence with heart attack or ischemic brain stroke. The results of studies on the antibody were published in Circulation Research, journal of the American Heart Association (AHA). Read full text »