Radial Artery Harvesting

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a year ago
Cardiac Surgery

Case description

Radial artery grafts are widely used as a second arterial conduit (after the left internal thoracic artery) in coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Its increasing use is driven by randomised and observational studies showing superior patency of radial artery grafts over saphenous vein grafts. Here we show a technique of harvesting the radial artery using harmonic shears. In over 300 procedures we have found this technique to be reliable in providing a good quality conduit without a risk of side branch bleeding. Potential advantages of this technique over other methods of harvest include greater speed of harvest, less handling (and potential spasm) of the artery, excellent wound and conduit hemostasis, and ease of learning. The video has been sped up x2 throughout. Video is obtained using head-mounted Parallel Medical Camera: www.parallel-medical.com.

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Kamil Rapacz

Kamil Rapacz


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