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Single Anastomosis Gastric Bypass (Minigastric...

Rui Ribeiro

This the surgery of a 42 y old woman, BMI 48Kg/m2, associated Arterial hypertension, osteoartritis and reactive depression. Altough she had a small tpe I hiatal hernia we decided to perform a Single Anastomosis...

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Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement...

jean luc plisson

Step-by-step description of a hip replacement surgery with a minimally invasive procedure (Huerter-Judet type). This procedure has the advantage of requiring no muscular section, as the implant is placed...

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Immediate Molar Implant

John Y. Kwan

When a molar is failing under certain circumstances an immediate implant is an option. This video features the Southern Implants MAX implant system.

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Repositioning A Dislocated IOL Via Pars...

Howard V Gimbel

Video showes optic capture of a dislocated IOL. IOL subluxed into the vitreous through posterior capsule tear.

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Contained Mechanical Morcellation in Gynecology

Howard Salvay

A morcellator is a surgical instrument used for division and removal of large masses of tissues during laparoscopic surgery. In laparoscopic hysterectomy the uterus is minced up into smaller pieces to...

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Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection of Rectosigmoid...

Michał Spychalski

 En block ESD of rectosigmoid tumor performed at the General and Colorectal Surgery Department Medical University of Lodz.

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Interproximal Reduction

Ashley Mark

Here is one of many methods to slim teeth - using a diamond coated disk. Of course, opponents to this technique will say that it leaves a flat contact - I agree. However - it is a fairly fast technique...

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Forsus Appliance Insertion

Forest Hill Orthodontics

In this episode, we see the insertion of the Forsus appliance. Highlights in this section include checking your bite and Forsus cleaning instructions. video by: Foresthill Orthodontics

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Septoplasty - Endoscopy

Steven Houser

The video displays an instructed demonstration of endoscopic septoplasty.

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Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy & Bilateral...

The Society of Elite Laparoscopic Surgeons

In this video complete laparoscopic hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy was performed. Surgeons were Richard H. Demir, MD, and Greg J. Marchand, MD.

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Endoscopic Transnasal Removal of Frontal...

Tomasz Gotlib

This video presents endoscopic transnasal removal of frontal sinus osteoma (grade 3 in Chiu and Kennedy classification). Draf IIb procedure. Video by Tomasz Gotlib MD.

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Small Spigelian Hernia - Laparoscopic Suture...

Palo Alto Center

Video shows a simple Spigelian (lateral ventral) hernia laparoscopic repair. This case does not need a mesh placement, direct repair with sutures is sufficient.

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Cervical Laminectomy

Krzysztof Siemionow

This is a 5 level (C3-C7) cervical laminectomy I performed for severe spinal cord compression. The technique involves performing a trough with a high speed burr at the junction of the lamina and facet...

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Failed Surgery, Inflammatory Glaucoma -...

Daljit Singh

Twice failed inflammatory glaucoma, this time 4 limbal tracks with Fugo blade, followed by placing kenacort 0.5 mg per ml in the anterior segment,

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Microtrack Failed After Cataract Surgery,...

Daljit Singh

A successful microtrack filtration failed after a manual cataract surgery. Not only it failed, it also led to formation of tenon cyst. This surgery shows how the tenon cyst was partially removed and...

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RIRS with Laser Lithotripsy of Obstructing...

Ahmed Zaghloul

 In this case you will see RIRS with laser lithotripsy of obstructing stone of lower moeity in (bifid pelvis.

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Singh's Muller Plication for Slight Ptosis

Daljit Singh

The lid is double everted and the tarsal plate is controlled. Three incisions are made in the fornix. The Muller muscle is caught at three points at the site of origin. The muscle is then folded/plicated...

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Laparoscopic Floppy Nissen Fundoplication:...

Lucian Mocan

Laparoscopic floppy Nissen fundoplication, is a common surgical procedure to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and hiatal hernia. We present here the main operative steps of this procedure.

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Drainage from Suprachoroidal Space in a...

Daljit Singh

This patient with perilimbal scarring 360 degrees, had underwent reverse cyclodialysis surgery, which failed. But the suprachodoid remained connected to the anterior chamber. This allowed us to safely...

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Opening a Blocked Canaliculus with Fugo...

Daljit Singh

The block is broken with Fugo blade. The moment it is activated it crosses the blocked segment. Probing is done after this step.

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Juvenile Glaucoma, Singh-Shah Microtrack...

Daljit Singh

35 years old patient, IOP is 40 mm in one eye, uncontrolled with medication. Microtrack filtration x 2 with a 200 mm Fugo blade tip, followed by peripheral iridectomy. The operation is simple, atraumatic...

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Asherman's Syndrome

Luis Alonso

Asherman's syndrome after D&C. Hypomenorrhea and infertility. Sugical correction using scissors.

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Synechiae after Radiotherapy for an Undifferentiated...

Lipski Samuel

Synechiae after radiotherapy for an undifferentiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

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Bleb Leakage Repair. Could it be Done Better?

Daljit Singh

During a filtration surgery, the sleeve of 100 micron Fugo blade tip came off and stayed in the track line. Later the proximal tip of this compulsory seton eroded through the conjunctiva and caused leakage....

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Management of Symptomatic, Post-operative...

Maciej Stukan

Symptomatic lymphocyst can be a complication following pelvic and para-aortic lymph node dissection performed for gynecologic malignancies. Treatment options include observation, drainage, sclerotherapy,...

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Laparoscopic Intragastric Surgery (LIGS):...

Lucian Mocan

Laparoscopic intragastric surgery (LIGS) represents a minimally invasive technique that may be used for the surgical treatment of gastric lessions that cannot be solved by endoscopy. The technique assume...

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Failed Anterior Filtration, VR Surgery Case...

Daljit Singh

All explanation is in the sound. The reverse cyclodialysis goes beyond the scarred area and involves over 1/6 of the limbus.

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Unilateral Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Alfonso Garcia

We describe a novel minimally invasive and full endoscopic spine surgical approach to treat a single level down migrated disc herniation at L4-L5 level.

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Failed Anterior Filtration in a VR Surgery...

Daljit Singh

Perilimbal conjunctiva is scarred 360 degrees, anterior chamber filtration effort has failed. Reverse cyclodialysis is done towards the lower limbus, the uvea is detached beyond the scatted area. A 22...

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Radical Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy...

Lucian Mocan

We present a Radical laparoscopic right hemicolectomy with D3 lymph node dissection and intra-corporeal anastomosis performed by Dr. Lucian Mocan at 3-rd surgery Clinic, Gastroenterology Institute Cluj...

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Intraorbital Tumor

Neurosurgery Opole

63 yrs old lady suffering from exophthalmus and diplopia in the course of intraorbital tumor treated surgically.

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Oval Rhexis is Small Pupil

Kiranjit Singh

Oval rhexis helps in easy removal of cataract in the presence of small pupil without the use of iris hooks or dilators.

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Neurosurgery Opole

24-yrs old male suffering from late epilepsy in the course of medial temporal lobe tumor successfully treated surgically by transsylvian selective amygdalohippocampectomy.

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Haemorrhagic Glaucoma, Reverse Cyclodialysis

Daljit Singh

History of injury, one month back, blood and a clot in the anterior chamber, IOP is 60 mm. No light perception, painful blind eye. Reverse cyclodialysis done on the medical side. One day later, he could...

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Bleeding During Reverse Cyclodialysis

Daljit Singh

Bleeding is a well know complication during cyclodialysis, whether eb externo or ab interno. This patient of buphthalmos, a failed case of glaucoma at the upper limbus (due to heavy scarring) was treated...

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Buphthalmos Failed Surgery - Reverse Cyclodialysis

Daljit Singh

Age 7 years, advanced glaucoma. Surgery at the upper limbus that included cutting tenon capsule, making a large anterior chamber opening and application of MMC. It failed within a month. IOP is 40. This...

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Cardiac Arrest Part 2׃ Rescuscitation -...

Georgios Chatziathanasiou

Cardiac Arrest Part 2: Rescuscitation -Basic life support (CPR). For more cardiology videos you can also visit my channel in You Tube

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Cardiac Arrest Part 1׃ Definition and Causes...

Georgios Chatziathanasiou

Cardiac arrest part 1. Definition and causes For more cardiology and echocardiography videos, please visit also my channel on You Tube

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Surgery in a Case of Duane Retraction Syndrome

Daljit Singh

The patient had left eye hypertropia, inability to adduct. Also on attempted dextroversion, the palpebral aperture narrowed, while on abduction, the aperture widened. Surgery of left superior rectus and...

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Laparoscopic Radical Cholecystectomy

Prasanna Kumar Reddy

Laparoscopic Radical Cholecystectomy by Dr. Prof P.K.Reddy

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Laparoscopic C.B.D Exploration (Post Cholecystectomy)

Prasanna Kumar Reddy

Laparoscopic C.B.D Exploration (Post Cholecystectomy).

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Laparoscopic Choledochal Cyst Excision with...

Prasanna Kumar Reddy

Laparoscopic Choledochal Cyst Excision With Hepaticojejunostomy.

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Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass

Prasanna Kumar Reddy

Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass performed by Prof. P K Reddy.

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Pediatric Limbal Naevus

Daljit Singh

A large raised discoid naevus on the limbus in a 5 year old child is removed with the help of Fugo blade. There is no excessive cutting of the conjunctiva as the lesion is most likely benign. Histopathology...

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Laparoscopic Subtotal Pancreatectomy for...

Prasanna Kumar Reddy

A 56 year old diabetic female presented with abdominal lump and pain for 8 months. Patient was thoroughly evaluated including CECT abdomen and tumour markers. Clinical diagnosis of benign cystic tumor...

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Laparoscopic Surgery for Infected Pancreatic...

Prasanna Kumar Reddy

A 41 year old male with history of abdominal pain since 3 months and history of fever since 1 week. On evaluation was suspected to have an infected pancreatic pseudocyst. Laparoscopic Cyst-gastrostomy...

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Laparoscopic Distal Pancreatectomy for Neuroendocrine...

Prasanna Kumar Reddy

A 39 year old female presented with upper abdominal pain since 3 months, generalised weakness and headache since 2 months. She was a known case of type two diabetes mellitus. Her USG abdomen revealed...

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Laparoscopic Transhiatal Esophagectomy

Prasanna Kumar Reddy

58 year old female with six months history of progressive dysphagia for both solids and liquids. She was evaluated thoroughly and found to have an OG junction adenocarcinoma. She underwent lap assisted...

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Hard Cataract

Kiranjit Singh

Total continuous capsulotomy done after phaco performed through oval rhexis

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Laparoscopic Pancreatic Necrosectomy

Prasanna Kumar Reddy

A 52 year old man presented with severe acute biliary pancreatitis. Was treated conservatively. Initially responded to conservative treatment but later was complicated by Pancreatic necrosis leading to...

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