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Organ Donation in the USA – Present and...

International Organ Donation Conference

Prof. Dorry Segev, MD, PhD, presents his lecture entitled "Organ Donation in the USA – Present and Future" delivered during the International Organ Donation Conference in Ryn, Poland.

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Colostomy Prolapse Treated with Total Prolapsed...

Claudio Quadros

Under spinal or epidural anesthesia, incision is performed in the base of the colostomy, in the healthy colon mucosa, cutting through the entire bowel wall of the two prolapsed colon segments. The colon...

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Endoscopic Transnasal Removal of Frontal...

Tomasz Gotlib

This video presents endoscopic transnasal removal of frontal sinus osteoma (grade 3 in Chiu and Kennedy classification). Draf IIb procedure. Video by Tomasz Gotlib MD.

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Synechiae after Radiotherapy for an Undifferentiated...

Samuel Lipski

Synechiae after radiotherapy for an undifferentiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

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Unilateral Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Alfonso Garcia

We describe a novel minimally invasive and full endoscopic spine surgical approach to treat a single level down migrated disc herniation at L4-L5 level.

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Single Anastomosis Gastric Bypass (Minigastric...

Rui Ribeiro

This the surgery of a 42 y old woman, BMI 48Kg/m2, associated Arterial hypertension, osteoartritis and reactive depression. Altough she had a small tpe I hiatal hernia we decided to perform a Single Anastomosis...

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Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement...

jean luc plisson

Step-by-step description of a hip replacement surgery with a minimally invasive procedure (Huerter-Judet type). This procedure has the advantage of requiring no muscular section, as the implant is placed...

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Immediate Molar Implant

John Y. Kwan

When a molar is failing under certain circumstances an immediate implant is an option. This video features the Southern Implants MAX implant system.

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Repositioning A Dislocated IOL Via Pars...

Howard V Gimbel

Video showes optic capture of a dislocated IOL. IOL subluxed into the vitreous through posterior capsule tear.

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Radical Laparoscopic Uterus Amputation

Kevin Stepp

The video is a narration of dr. Stepp to underline technique for laparsopic hysterectomy (TLH) to ovarian resection.

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Contained Mechanical Morcellation in Gynecology

Howard Salvay

A morcellator is a surgical instrument used for division and removal of large masses of tissues during laparoscopic surgery. In laparoscopic hysterectomy the uterus is minced up into smaller pieces to...

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Interproximal Reduction

Ashley Mark

Here is one of many methods to slim teeth - using a diamond coated disk. Of course, opponents to this technique will say that it leaves a flat contact - I agree. However - it is a fairly fast technique...

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Forsus Appliance Insertion

Forest Hill Orthodontics

In this episode, we see the insertion of the Forsus appliance. Highlights in this section include checking your bite and Forsus cleaning instructions. video by: Foresthill Orthodontics

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Septoplasty - Endoscopy

Steven Houser

The video displays an instructed demonstration of endoscopic septoplasty.

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Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy & Bilateral...

The Society of Elite Laparoscopic Surgeons

In this video complete laparoscopic hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy was performed. Surgeons were Richard H. Demir, MD, and Greg J. Marchand, MD.

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Small Spigelian Hernia - Laparoscopic Suture...

Palo Alto Center

Video shows a simple Spigelian (lateral ventral) hernia laparoscopic repair. This case does not need a mesh placement, direct repair with sutures is sufficient.

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Matrix, Wedge and Teflon

Salvatore Scolavino

Sometimes to improve the matrix fitting on the cervical margin we have to use teflon and we put teflon between the wedge and the matrix. Moreover to simplify the access on the second cavity class we can...

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RCT with Borate and SAF

Maciej Czerwinski

In this video dr Maciej Czerwiński presents a case of RCT with initial shaping with Biorace and final with SAF system. Video thanks to dr Maciej Czerwiński.

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Salvatore Scolavino

In that video dr Salvatore Scolavino shows a clinical case of direct restoration using bulkfill and stain brown with sandwich technique in a first class cavity. Video thanks to dr Salvatore Scolavino.

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Bonding HYRAX

Amr Asker

In this video dr Amr Asker shows how to put Hyrax expander in the maxilla. Video thanks to dr Amr Asker.

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Implant Microsurgery: Immediate Implants...

John Y. Kwan

This patient had two teeth that needed to be removed. In this case we were able to replace them at the same appointment.

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Safe Extraction of an Impacted Open Safety...

jayavant deore

 Safe Extraction of an Impacted Open Safety Pin from the Esophagus: Dr. Deore Jayyavant. Foreign body ingestion is a common problem in children. An infrequent ingested item is an open safety pin (SP),...

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Removal of an Impacted Foreign Body from...

jayavant deore

Removal of an Impacted Foreign Body from the Esophagus - Dr. Jayavant Deore

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Robot-Assisted Radical Cystectomy


 In this video robot-assisted radical cystectomy is performed by Magnus Annerstedt.

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Laparoscopic Umbilical Hernia Mesh Repair...

Prasanna Kumar Reddy

66 years male presented with umbilical hernia. He underwent Laparoscopic Umbilical Hernia mesh repair (IPOM Plus). Video edited by : Dr. Nadeem Mushtaque Ahmed, FNB Minimal Access Surgery, Apollo Hospital,...

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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Doctor Jeffrey S. Roh talk about minimally invasive surgery. He explain when and why to use it.

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Stapled Trans Anal Resection of Rectal Stricture...

Prasanna Kumar Reddy

66 years gentleman presented with anastomotic rectal structure post low anterior resection. Stapled Trans Anal Resection of Rectal Stricture (STARR) was done. Video edited by : Dr. Nadeem Mushtaque...

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Laparoscopic Assisted Management of Small...

Prasanna Kumar Reddy

68yrs, lady presented with a feature of intestinal obstruction, CECT s/o intestinal obstruction due to foreign body. She underwent Laproscopic assisted removal of foreign body. Edited by: Dr. Vimalkumar...

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Penile Implant, Vasectomy and Ventral Phalloplasty

Andrew Kramer

This video shows penile implant, vasectomy and ventral phalloplasty during one procedure. The "ventral phalloplasty" can be done where some scrotal skin is closed in a way such that the attachment...

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Circumcision After Penile Implant

Andrew Kramer

This material shows a circumcision after penile implantation. In this case, a patient who has a penile implant has a very tight foreskin due to the extra thickness that the implant provided- and now wants...

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Artificial Urinary Sphincter Revision

Andrew Kramer

This video shows an artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) revision. AUS is for urinary continence after TURP and with severe leakage. A previous AUS did not provide continence, so a complex revision and...

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Physiology of Coughing

Armando Hasudungan

This video explains the pathophysiology of coughing. Video by Armando Hasudungan.

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Lap Abdominal EP

Behnaz Nouri

A patient was 28 years old, G2P0EP1 with history of previous e left salpingectomy and right cystectomy. We were found interstitial EP with fetal hart by TVS, BhCG=155/000IU, after IVF. The patient was...

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Bilateral Injection Of Lucentis In A ROP...

This video shows a bilateral injection of Lucentis to treat retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). „This newborn is born in 23rd week. It was submitted to us in 32 week for treatment of ROP in zone 1. The...

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Biportal Endoscopic Discectomy Rt


BESS, Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery for Lumbar Disc Herniation. Ipsilateral posterior approach: IPA Rt.

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Deep Brain Stimulation - Awake Surgery

Kendall Lee, M.D., describes deep brain stimulation surgery, and how it is is typically done with patients who remain awake, so neurological functions can be measured and maintained.

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Biportal Endoscopic Disectomy


Lumbar Discectomy by Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery(BESS). BESS can provide a variety of panoramic and sufficiently magnified view so that its procedure must be safe and delicate. BESS can handle of...

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Prostate Cancer

Charles Chabert

This material includes information about details of a prostate cancer diagnosis, prostate-specific antigen (PSA), Gleason score and clinical stage detailed. Video by Dr. Charles Chabert.

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TRUS Biopsy

Charles Chabert

This material includes information about procedural details of a transrectal ultrasound and prostate biopsy. Video by Charles Chabert.

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Prostatic Speciefic Antygen

Charles Chabert

This material includes information about prostate cancer screening and early detection using the PSA test. Video by Dr. Charles Chabert.

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Respiratory Examination

Geeky Medics

This video shows basic examination of respiratory system. Video by Geeky Medics.

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Full Endoscopic Lumbar Surgery

On this film James Yue, MD talk about indications and techniques in full endoscopic lumbar surgery and how to avoid complications.

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Onlay Cementation

Salvatore Scolavino

In this video dr Salvatore Scolavino shows the steps of cementation of disilicate onlay. Video by dr Salvatore Scolavino.

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Onlay Preparation

Salvatore Scolavino

In this video you can watch an onlay preparation. First of all we remove the old restoration using multi-blade bur to achieve a selective cut on composite. If the thickness of the residual cusp is lower...

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Endocrinology - Renal Hormones

Armando Hasudungan

This video shows drawn description of renal hormones. Video by Armando Hasudungan.

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The Skin Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology

Armando Hasudungan

This video shows anatomy, physiology and microbiology of the skin. Video by Armando Hasudungan.

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Breast Examination

Geeky Medics

The ability to carry out a thorough and slick breast examination is something every medic needs to master. This video shows how to perform it properly. Video by Geeky Medics.

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Endoscopic Microvascular Decompression for...

Microvascular decompression (MVD) is an effective method for treatment of patients with trigeminal neuralgia in whom compression of the nerve by a vascular structure is implicated in the pathogenesis...

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