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BIG LST-G Mixed Type pEMR Resection

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Endoscopy video case: LST-G mixed type at 40 cm from anus, located in a flexure with enhanced respiratory and vascular mobility. Procedure started with lateral incision. Piecemeal endsocopic mucosal resection...

Colon Lateral Spreading Tumor Resected by EMR

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Endoscopic video case: resection of a large colon polyp LST with EMR, very beautiful lesion.

Peace-Meal EMR for a Large LST in the Right Colon...

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Endoscopic video case: 20 years old man with history of crohn desease, ileocecal resection 8 years ago, discovered on colonsocopy screening of a large LST in the right colon NG, Nice 2, biopsy found a...

Colonoscopy: Ascending colon LST tumor - EMR

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The video shows ascending colon LST tumor EMR.

Colonoscopy: Ascending Colon LST-NG -

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Lesion: LST-NG Injection: 18 ml saline + Methylene Blue Snare: 15 mm Cut: Endocut Q 3-1-3 APC: Forced - 0.8 lts; and 35 W Clip closure: 10 clips EMR time: 44 min

Colonoscopy: Ascending Colon EMR - Large Polyp

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A case of ascending colon polyp - pathology revealed LST Granular tumor. The resection was preceded by polip injection with saline and methylene blue and performed with snare and hot biopsy avulsion....

Colonoscopy: Transverse Colon - LST - Mixed -...

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An endoscopic mucous resection of a large LST in transverse colon. Whole procedure took over an hour.

ESD of Distal Rectal LST in Patient after Liver...

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No intra- and postoperative complications. Patient was discharged after two days. Pathological report revealed high grade dysplasia with R0 resection.

Rectum: 5-6 cm Laterally Spreading Tumor Type...

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This video shows a case of middle aged patient with a large laterally spreading granular tumor in the rectum 8 cm from the anal verge. Piecemeal endoscopic mucosal resection was performed.

Colonoscopy - LST NG Tumor - Difficult Resection

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LST-NG tumors are often difficult to resect, as they tend to have submucosal fibrosis. Also, it is vital to remove all of the lesion as such tumors are at high risk of harboring cancer. Here is a video...