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Chapter 3: Nasal and Sinus Problems and Solutions

Specialty:  Anatomy
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This video describes some of the common problems encountered by the nasal cavity and sinuses including the common cold, sinusitis, sinus surgery, deviated nasal septum and septoplasty, turbinate reduction,...

The Surgery | Leg Bone To The Jaw | Part 2

Specialty:  Maxillofacial Surgery
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This is a huge case, way too big for one video. This is part 2 of the treatment of a large tumor in the mandible on a 16 year old male. This video covers the full surgical workup and surgery! The next...

Leg Bone To The Jaw! Part 1 - Diagnosis | Ameloblastoma...

Specialty:  Maxillofacial Surgery
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This is a huge case, way too big for one video. This is part 1 of the treatment of a large tumor in the mandible on a 16 year old male. This video covers the initial clinical presentation, the workup...

Trigeminal Neuralgia | How To Evaluate And Treat

Specialty:  Maxillofacial Surgery
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Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic facial pain disorder that is often misdiagnosed. Check out the work up and treatment of a patient with trigeminal neuralgia, and learn how to diagnose and treat this...

TMJ Pain Effective Treatment | How To Wash Out...

Specialty:  Maxillofacial Surgery
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TMJ pain can be debilitating and all-encompassing. Today we're reviewing TMJ arthrocentesis, an effective treatment for many TMJ issues. This video gives step by step instructions on how to perform an...

Removal Of a Jaw Tumor | White Spot On X-ray...

Specialty:  Maxillofacial Surgery
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A patient comes in with a white spot on her panoramic X-ray. This is part 2 of this case, the surgical removal, pathology results and treatment of this jaw tumor. 

Dry Socket Treatment

Specialty:  Dental Surgery
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In this video, dr Na Kiwon demonstrates his technique for dry socket treatment.

Neck Pain Causes and Treatment - Dr Nabil Ebraheim

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This video describes the most common cause of neck pain including disc herniation and myelopathy.

Gum Recession Treatment - Anterior Tooth

Specialty:  Periodontics
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Gum recession treatment in the anterior tooth (tooth 21) using connective tissue graft.

Tooth Abscess - Would You Incise and Drain This...

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I'm grateful for the opportunity to share this case with you. We saw the patient 24hrs post treatment and the swelling had gone done (and pain was 0/10). At 72hrs post treatment, patient's swelling had...