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Step-by-Step: Airway Analysis + Oral Appliance...

Specialty:  Orthodontics
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Airway concerns can present in a number of ways during a dental exam — from an enlarged tongue or tonsils to a high-arched palate, a retrusive jaw, worn-down teeth and more. Fortunately, dental practitioners...

Respiratory Therapy

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DR. Bruce Potenza and Peg Hollingsworth-Fridlund talk about the proper procedure for carrying oxygen therapy, used equipment and people involved during this therapy.

PRP Therapy

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (Prp) Therapy Animation. This videos shows one of the pain management procedures.

Economic analysis of the functioning of intensive...

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Dr. Jay Doucet in this video presents the economic principles of functioning evacuation intensive therapy effectiveness. The economic effects of having ICU, enrollment limits, and the arguments for closing...