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GB Mesentry Total

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Clinical video case: long redundant gallbladder mesentery like this may add some difficulty in lap chole. As traction on the fundus will not retract the liver which will fall to obscure the field on the...

Repair of the Muscular Arch to the Iliopubic...

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In the management of groin hernia in children and adolescents, repair of the muscular arch to the iliopubic tract from below upward is to minimize the risk of injuring the external iliac vessels. What's...

Disconnection of the Sac from the Peritoneum...

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Surgical video case: disconnection of the sac from the peritoneum in groin hernia coexisting with an ipsilateral communicating hydrocele of 7 yrs old boy.

TAPP For Hernia Reccurence After TEP

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Surgical video: in case of hernia reccurence after TEP, TAPP technique is a feasible option.

Choledochoduodenostomy as a Surgical Treatment...

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Surgical treatment could be an alternative for patients with recurring CBD stones. However, surgical treatment is a more complex and invasive method than ERCP, and should be reserved for selective patients...

Steps in Laparoscopic Heller's Cardiomyotomy:...

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After the ports have been inserted, the patient is usually placed in a steep reverse Trendelenburg position. A 10-mm 30° angled camera is used. The initial approach involves dividing the left phrenoesophageal...

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