submucosal tumor

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Distal Gastrectomy D1 LND

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Surgical video case: significant variability exists throughout the world in the extent of lymphadenectomy that is performed for gastric adenocarcinoma. D2 lymphadenectomy is the standard lymphadenectomy...

Pitfalls in Intragastric Surgery in the Treatment...

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I am performing a variety of operative procedures for gastric stromal tumors, because as far as it can be treated by local excision without lymphadenectomy, I am convinced, we have to preserve the stomach...

Esophageal SMT Resection

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Video case: this clip presents endoscopic resection of esophageal submucosal tumor. Previous EUS assessment prooved submucosal tumor suitable for endoscopic management.

Lap Wedge Gastrectomy with Intracorporeal Suture...

Hung Do

Specialty:  General Surgery
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This is a case of an 80-year-old female with a history of diabetes, hypertension. Gastroscopy revealed a submucosal tumor at the lesser curvature, nearly cardia, about 5 cm. The CT scan shows a submucosal...

ESD For Gastric SMT

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Gastric SMT located on the lesser curve of middle gastric body was resected by ESD with a part of full thickness resection. The tumor was confirmed to grow from muscle layer by EUS. Because the size of...

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