rheumatic disease

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The British Society for Rheumatology’s Choosing...

Specialty:  Rheumatology
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Choosing Wisely UK is part of a global initiative which aims to reduce unnecessary tests and treatment by promoting shared decision-making conversations between patients and their healthcare professionals....

Severe Aortic Valve Regurgitation In Rheumatic...

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In this video you can see severe aortic valve regurgitation in rheumatic disease.

Rheumatic Disease

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This video presents rheumatic disease.

Managing women of child bearing potential living...

Specialty:  Rheumatology
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This webinar covers why it is important to appropriately plan a patient’s pregnancy journey, to minimise disease activity to ensure an optimal outcome for mother and baby, and how healthcare professionals...

Editor's Picks Spotlight: Long-term Behavioral...

Specialty:  Rheumatology
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Long-term Behavioral Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Impact of Vaccination in Patients With Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases. Bente Glintborg, Dorte Vendelbo Jensen, Lene Terslev, Oliver Hendricks,...