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Accessory Liver Tissue on the Gallbladder

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Liver tissue situated outside the liver with a hepatic connection is usually called an accessory liver, and that without a connection to the mother liver, is called ectopic liver tissue (choristoma)....

Transversectomy En Bloc With Segmental Gastric...

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A 70-year old patient was investigated in our department for abdominal pain and hematochezia. Clinical examination revealed a distended abdomen and the blood analysis revealed a hemoglobin value of 7...

Laparoscopic Repair of Large Diaphragmatic Hernia

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Surgical video case: this video shows a post-traumatic diaphragmatic hernia repaired with laparoscopic approach.

Paradoxical Movement of the Lt Diaphragm Due...

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Video case: palsy of the left diaphragm after cardiac surgery.

Ovarian Cancer Cytoreductive Surgery. Right Upper...

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In this technical video the right upper quadrant peritonectomy for advanced ovarian cancer is demonstrated. 

Thoracoscopic Repair of Traumatic Diaphragmatic...

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This is a case demonstration of thoracoscopic repair of traumatic diaphragmatic hernia in a 3-year-old girl. She had a history of blunt trauma to chest and abdomen.

Thoracoscopic Transdiaphragmatic Excision of...

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This is a video demonstration for "Thoracoscopic Transdiaphragmatic Excision of Hepatic Hydatid in Patients with Synchronous Pulmonary Hydatid: A Novel Operative Approach" This was selected...

Laparoscopic Overview of Diaphragmatic Defects

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This is a short compilation of clips showing various types of diaphragmatic defects. This is meant for Pediatric Surgical trainee education.

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) Right Side

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This is a 7mth girl with severe respiratory distress. Diagnosed to have Right CDH. This was repaired laparoscopically/ Thoracoscopically.

LINX in GERD. The Evolution of the Technique....

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Presented by Rebeca V. Dominguez at the "SS37: Revisional Bariatrics/Foregut Video Session" session during the SAGES 2019 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD on Saturday, April 6, 2019. This was...

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