Pantaloon hernia

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Saddlebag Inguinal Hernia

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Surgical video: saddlebag hernia occurs most commonly as a small indirect sac in association with an obvious direct inguinal hernia. The hernial sac pushes through both sides of the inferior epigastric...

Pantaloon Hernia Laparoscopic Surgery

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A pantaloon hernia occurs when both a direct and an indirect hernia develop on the same side of the groin. The hernia is named pantaloon because the two hernia sacs are divided by epigastric vessels,...

Pantaloon Hernia in a Case Planned for Laparoscopic...

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Surgical video case: inguinal hernias are very common (approximately 75% of abdominal wall hernias). A rare type of hernia exists called as Pantaloon or saddle-bag hernia or Dual hernia or Romberg's hernia....

Pantaloon Hernia

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A pantaloon hernia, also known as a saddlebag hernia, is defined as any combination of two adjacent hernia sacs of the femoral or inguinal region (direct or indirect inguinal hernias ((alternative plural:...

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