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Lobectomy, Case of 23 y/o Man

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CTS video case: 23 years old man, lung cancer.  

Robotic Right Upper Lobectomy

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This is a video of a right upper lobectomy, performed using the *brand hidden* robot system, by Mr Joel Dunning at the James Cook University Hospital, Middlesborough.

Left Lower Robotic Lobectomy

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Left lower robotic lobectomy. The lesion was found occasionally at the pandemic.

Right Upper Lobectomy

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Video case: robotic lung resection, right upper lobectomy.

Right Lower Lobectomy with Atypical Bronchoplasty

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Video case: right lower lobectomy with atypical bronchoplasty.

Uniportal VATS Right Side Double Sleeve Intrapericardial...

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This video shows an unusual procedure and one of the most challenging resections in minimally invasive surgery: double bronchovascular sleeve for a centrally located tumor of the right lung. A 4 cm Uniportal...

Uniportal VATS Middle Sleeve Lobectomy

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Video showing a very rare case of a tumor at the entrance of the middle lobe bronchus reaching bronchus intermedius. An uniportal VATS approach was performed to perform a middle lobectomy and bronchial...

Non Edited Subxiphoid Uniportal VATS Left Lower...

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This video shows a non edited left lower lobectomy performed by means of a single 3 cm subxiphoid incision. The patient had 3 GGO lesions located in the left lower lob (2 AIS and 1 MIA). The recovery...

Uniportal VATS Right Lower Lobectomy in a 1 Year...

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In this video we show the procedure of a right lower lobectomy in a 1 year old child performed through a single 1.8 cm incision. The patient had recurrent pneumonia and fever and was diagnosed of congenital...

Intrapericardial Uniportal VATS Double Sleeve...

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In this video we show a case of a double bronchial and vascular sleeve left upper lobectomy operated by Uniportal VATS (4 cm incision).The patient had a complex big lung cancer located on the left upper...

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