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Failing Stapler Device

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Stapler device that failed during the stapling stage of the stomach. 

Band to Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Band-to-sleeve gastrectomy procedure is considered to be a reconstructive surgery as it is known for dense adhesions due to previous procedures. Here we are demonstrating a patient with a gastric...

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Video case: laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for super obese female patient (BMI 51). Surgical technique step by step.

Minilaparoscopic Sleeve

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Minilaparascopic kit has proven to be an excellent option in bariatric surgery. It improved postoperative recovery and was cosmetically superior to the conventional laparoscopic Kit.  This procedure...

Uniportal VATS Right Main Bronchial Sleeve Resection

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In this video we show a case of an endobronchial adenocarcinoma located at the entrance of right main bronchus in a patient with previous history of tuberculosis (strong adhesions). An uniportal VATS...

Uniportal VATS Middle Sleeve Lobectomy

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Video showing a very rare case of a tumor at the entrance of the middle lobe bronchus reaching bronchus intermedius. An uniportal VATS approach was performed to perform a middle lobectomy and bronchial...

Uniportal VATS Sleeve Reimplantation of Middle...

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In this video we show how to perform anastomosis of middle lobe bronchus to bronchus intermedius after a right lower sleeve lobectomy by means of Uniportal VATS (single 3 cm incision). The postoperative...

Intrapericardial Uniportal VATS Double Sleeve...

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In this video we show a case of a double bronchial and vascular sleeve left upper lobectomy operated by Uniportal VATS (4 cm incision).The patient had a complex big lung cancer located on the left upper...

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy - Stomach First...

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34-year-old female patient : BMI max. 55.9 kg/m2, type 2 diabetes mellitus (oral antidiabetic drugs) . She was preoperatively treated with an intragastric balloon (27 kg weight loss over 6 months)...

MGB - an Effective Bariatric Surgery

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The Mini-Gastric Bypass MGB is an excellent choice for bariatric surgery. All over world bariatric surgeons generally provides the MGB with strongly positive reviews. This international group of bariatric...

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