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Furcal and Lateral Canals: Cleaning And Disinfection

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Answering a question from endo forums Dr. Nasseh discusses the role and function of lateral canals and success through chemo mechanical instrumentation.

How Long To Irrigate?

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Dr. Naseh discusses one of the comment questions on this topic of irrigation.

Irrigation In Endodontics | Sodium Hypochlorite

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The video discusses the mechanism and protocol of using soudium hypochlorite. Video created by Dr Nisha Garg Dental Academy.

TURP Irrigation Tutorial

Specialty:  Urology
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This video shows how to make proper irrigation of bladder before TURP (Transurethral Resection of the Prostate) procedure. Video by The Urology Group 2013

Naturally Activated Irrigation Effect

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Endodontic irrigation in confluent canals. Film by dr Antonis Chaniotis.

Irrigation Aspiration

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Live surgery narration by Dr Gimbel describing his technique for cortex clean up

Endo Irrigation Aspirate Your Irrigant?

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As RC walked by, I asked - "what'd you learn today, amigo". This is what he told me.

Instrument removal technique - surgical video

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Broken file retrieval, Retreatment, Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation, Endodontics, Endodontic instruments. Chaniotis Antonis, Greek Endodontics.

Good endo poorly done

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Endodontic surgical video presenting good endo poorly done.