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Contained Versus Uncontained Morcellation of...

Kunal Rathod

Specialty:  Gynecology
views: 3501 comments: 1

Incidence of spread of sarcoma when a fibroid is power morcellated is very varied. It can range from 1 in 65 procedures in a women more than 60 years old to 1 in 1200 in a women who is in reproductibe...

Bilateral Big Size Dermoid Cyst Excision with...

views: 6335 comments: 2

Video case: bilateral big size dermoid cyst excision with both ovaries preservation done with laproscopy.

Posterior Compartment Peritonectomy for Endometriosis...

views: 4261 comments: 0

Material intended for medical education on endometriosis and pelvic anatomy. Igor Chiminacio MD, MIGS, describes the technique of resection of the peritoneum of the posterior compartment of the pelvis...

TLH in Case of Scar Ectopic Pregnancy

views: 5031 comments: 1

Video demonstration: TLH in case of scar ectopic pregnancy.

SELS - Laparoscopic Myomectomy

views: 3354 comments: 0

Video case: laparoscopic resection of uterine myomas.

SELS - 8.5mm Single Port Hysterectomy

views: 2687 comments: 0

Video case: single port total laparoscopic hysterectomy through smallest incision ever reported.

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