endometriosis surgery

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Frozen Pelvic Endometriosis Gr-4-Chocolat Cyst

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Surgical video case: frozen pelvic endometriosis gr-4-chocolat cyst. Dr Ami shah - Assistant doctor-sumiran IVF center. Dr Sonu Malviya-Assistant doctor, Sumiran IVF center. Dr Aayesha Farooqui - Assistant...

Obturator Nerve Endometriosis Treat by Peritonectomy...

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Video case description: endometriosis on left obturator nerve with left leg pain on menses, treated by complete peritonectomy of posterior compartment of pelvis. 

Deep Endometriosis

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Deep endometriosis rarely happens, but its treatment can be challenging, and it requires surgery. This video illustrates the clinical and iconographic presentation of rectal endometriosis, and its surgical...

Okabayashi Space Dissection for Endometriosis...

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Okabayashi space: a safe way to preserve hypogastric nerve.

Posterior Compartment Peritonectomy for Endometriosis...

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Material intended for medical education on endometriosis and pelvic anatomy. Igor Chiminacio MD, MIGS, describes the technique of resection of the peritoneum of the posterior compartment of the pelvis...

Medium Retal Artery Identification in Endometriosis...

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Video case: medium retal artery identification in endometriosis surgery is a important step way.

Endometriosis Booklet

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A educational booklet about endometriosis, directed to general gynecologists and physicians for better referral to the specialist of patients with clinical suspicion.

Deep Endometriosis Surgery

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Endometriosis of the left sacral ligament with infiltration of the left parametrium and vaginal fornix. Peritoneum pocket on the right parametrium. Block resection was performed by Igor Chiminacio - Minimally...

Infertility Endometriosis Surgery

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Infertility surgery in patients with endometriosis has been accepted as a way to promote good spontaneous pregnancy results. This video shows the step-by-step of this surgery that aims to complete the...

Minimally Invasive Treatment Of Endometriosis...

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Minimally Invasive Treatment Of Endometriosis In The Intestine.