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Anastomosis After Right Hemicolectomy ICG Perfusion...

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Patient with advanced colon cancer underwent laparoscopic right hemicolectomy to avoid intestinal obstruction. After the intracorporeal anastomosis is performed, ICG perfusion test is done to verify good...

ICG Rectum Anastomose

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 The ICG Fluorescence cold show the blood supply during the operation. This an excellent example of it, descendorectostomy after ARSR. You are losing about 120 seconds of the operation time, but patient...

ICG Fluorescence of His Angle by Sleeve Gastric...

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Video case of ICG Fluorescence of His Angle by Sleeve Gastric Resection.

ICG His Sleeve Gastrectomy

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The Sleeve Gastrectomy is the most popular bariatric operation. The leak complication in His angle has about 0.3% frequency. It is depending on the blood supply. Nowadays with ICG Fluorescence, we can...

Prostate Cancer - Laparoscopic Fluorescence Sentinel...

European Urology

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In the following video we can see an intraoperative laparoscopic fluorescence guidance to sentinel lymph node in prostate cancer patients. Integration of molecular imaging and in particular intraoperative...