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Advanced Laser Surgery in Oral Implantology

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Laser technology has become increasingly prevalent in various fields of dentistry, including implantology. Laser surgery in implantology offers several advantages, including precision, reduced discomfort,...

Ceramic Veneer Adhesive Cementation: The No Finishing...

Specialty:  Prosthodontics
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Over the past 30 years, the development of adhesive techniques has reduced the biological cost of bonded indirect restorations (in/onlays and veneers). However, the procedures for bonding to dental tissue...

Direct Restorative Dentistry: Esthetic &...

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As a restorative dentist, there are a variety of techniques, materials, and solutions that allow you to transform a patient's smile in a single visit and restore both form and function. Join Dr. Dimple...

Step by Step Direct Veneers Composite Anterior...

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In this video, Doctor presents multiple cases of composite veneers preparation.

Anterior Composite Veneers Restoration with Layering...

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This video presents how to do direct veneers with composite resin on a simulation model. 

Universal Shades vs Single Shade Composites -...

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In this webinar Dr. Romero will compare the universal restorative composite with the "so called" single shade composites.

Frontal Composite Restoration Of Teeth

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Demonstration video of frontal composite restoration of teeth by Dr. Giuseppe Marchetti.

Composite Restoration | Composite Modeling Of...

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Demonstration video of composite modeling of tooth anatomy. The presented technique can be used in direct restoration of teeth.

How To Build Proximal Walls Using Unica Matrix?

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Unica anterior is the ideal matrix system for anterior restorations such as class III, IV, V, direct stratification composite veneers and shape modifications. Thanks to their contoured shape, the matrices...

Diastema Closure Using Direct Bonding (Direct...

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The video by dr Osama Shaalan presents the procedure of diastema closure using direct bonding.

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