dental implants

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Replacement of a Dental Implant Healing Cap

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Once in a while during the transition from the implant placement to restoration a healing cap can come loose. This requires a surgery to clear the collapsed tissue to replace the healing cap. This simple...

Immediate Implant Provisional

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 In this video you can see Dr Kwan demonstrating immediate implant provisional microsurgery, non-restorable #9.

Periodontal Microsurgery: Extraction and Bone...

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When a tooth is no longer restorable it can be replaced by a dental implant.

Immediate Dental Implant Provisional

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There are times when an immediate implant replacement for a non-restorable tooth is indicated. There are also times when a provisional tooth can be fabricated at the same time. This video demonstrates...

Implant Microsurgery: Failing Implant Site Repair...

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Featuring: Global Microscope, Keystone Accell and Dynagraft D, LifeNet Mineralized Cortical Bone, Implant Direct Legacy System and Bone Profiler

How To Use a Torque Wrench?

views: 8277 comments: 0

In this video dr. Scott MacLean illustrates the basics on how the dental implant torque wrench works.

Reparation Of Implant - Periodontal Endoscopy...

John Y. Kwan

Specialty:  Periodontics
views: 6731 comments: 0

In this video you can see the reparation of the implant.

Mandibular Anterior Teeth Replacement With Implant...

views: 9364 comments: 0

The author of this video presents mandibular anterior teeth replacement with implant bridge. The Reganato Lecture Series.

Mandibular Implant Overdenture Fabrication

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In this video the author presents mandibular implant overdenture fabrication. The Reganato Lecture Series.

Socket Grafting 101 Part A

views: 6192 comments: 0

The Reganato Lecture Series" Clinical Presentation: Socket grafting 101; Full mucoperiosteal flap socket bone graft surgery, flapless surgery, minimally flapped surgery examples

Implant Microsurgery: Maxillary Intralift

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When dental implants are placed in the posterior maxilla there are limitations in bone height that can be alleviated by techniques such as a crestal approach "lift" simultaneous to implant placement.

Implant Microsurgery: Implant Replaces Failing...

views: 3417 comments: 0

Featuring: Hartzell Microsurgical Instruments, Schumacher Proximator, Implant Direct Leagcy 3, Keystone DynaMatrix, Accell, Dynagraft D, LifeCell FDB and restoration by Dr. Zarin Ferdowsi

Minimally Invasive Ridge Augmentation

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In this video you can see minimally invasive ridge augmentations for better implant placement. The Reganato Lecture Series.

Ridge Augmentation 101

Anthony J Reganato

Specialty:  Other
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This video shows ridge augmentation 101. The Reganato Lecture Series.

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