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Full Dental Bridge Procedure Step by Step Including...

Specialty:  Prosthodontics
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This is a full Bridge procedure done by a dentist to replace a tooth after a it fractured and became badly infected. You will see every procedure appointment, including extraction, impression, and bridge...

Removing Fixed Dental Bridge

Specialty:  Prosthodontics
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In this video, dr Steven Cutbirth discusses the procedure of removing fixed dental bridge.

Lower Maryland Bridge

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The case shows the resolution of an agenesis of 41 and 31, solved with a Maryland bridge. Video by dr Tommaso Cassolino.

Bridge Insert: Checking The Strength And Location...

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Dr. K taught me to use articulating paper held in a set of hemostats to check not only the strength of an interproximal contact, but also the location

Bridge Insert: Porcelain Contour Adjustment

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Here I"m adjusting the facial contour of the FDP's porcelain. Pre-residency - I would have left it the way it was. Now - not a chance. The contour is a significant factor in smile design.

Dental Bridge Hygiene 101

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Here are a few tools that patients can employ to keep their new fancae dancae bridge clean. Remember - the cleaner you can keep it - especially where the fake tooth is - the longer you will keep it.

How Would You Restore?

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Brief overview of one of many methods to restore this maxillary dentition. I had limited time and elected to begin restoring the patient's right maxillary dentition.

Bridge Delivery: FDP Pre Seating Discussion

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Just before I leave the lab bench to deliver this FDP, I talk about steaming, contours, etc.

Bridge Delivery Porcelain Polishing - Diasheen...

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I'm not sponsored by these folks. However, like the habras polishers, this product has revolutionized (really, I'm not lying) my porcelain polishing. Before, I used to polish with these grey points things.definitely...

Bridge Delivery - Gold Polishing - Habras Polishers...

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I'm not sponsored by these folks. However, these polishers decreased my chairside polishing in half. Amazing. I can't believe my eyes every time I use these things.

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