cystic duct dissection

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Long Cystic Duct Dissection

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Surgical decision: Do you prefer to leave a long cystic duct by clipping and dividing immediately close to the Hartman's pouch, or to dissect the cystic duct - as you see here - to avoid leaving a long...

Is it Justified to Dissect the Cystic Duct to...

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I want to take the opinion of the experts here: "Is it justified to dissect the cystic duct to such an extent to avoid leaving a somewhat long cystic duct with a possible small gravel within at the...

Dissection of Cystic Duct Below Rouvier Sulcus...

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Dissection of the cystic duct is usually above the plane of Rouvier Sulcus, but in some cases like this, you may encounter the cystic duct below this plane. Careful cautious dissection of the cystic duct...

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