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Unedited Robotic S1 Right Upper Lobe Segmentectomy

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Robotic surgery video case: growing 8mm FDG-PET avid tumour in the posterior aspect of the apical segment right upper lobe lung. Robotic segmetectomy resection performed. Patient discharged 48 hours postop....

Robotic Right S2+6 Lung Segmentectomy

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Surgical video: robotic right  S2+6 lung segmentectomy. 

Robotic Stapler For Left Upper Lobectomy

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Robotic stapler for left upper lobectomy.  Tessitore A, Patella M, Casiraghi M and Cafarotti S Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale-Ticino, Switzerland. 

Thoracic Anatomy VATS - Key Elements

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Teaching video: key steps of thoracic anatomy in VATS (video assisted thoracic surgery). 

Lesion in Pulmonary Artery During the Left Lower...

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Video case: vascular accident ... the way we treated a lesion in pulmonary artery during the left lower lobectomy. 

Single stage Bilateral Uniportal VATS Anatomic...

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A patient with one GGO tumor located on right upper anterior segment (S3) and two GGO lesions located on the left upper anterior segment (S3) was proposed for bilateral surgery. An Uniportal VATS bilateral...

Unisurgeon Uniportal VATS Anatomic S1 with Magnetic...

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This video shows how to perform an uniportal VATS anatomic apical segmentectomy with no assistant thanks to the use of a robotic arm to hold the camera and a magnetic grasper to hold the lung. Diego Gonzalez...

Robot Assisted Bi-Lobectomy for a Upper Lobe...

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Surgical video case: we present an unedited (sped up x2-x8) video of a robot assisted pulmonary bi-lobectomy (RUL & RML) for a 4.5cm peripheral tumour in the anterior segment of the RUL which directly...

Robotic Upper Bi-Lobectomy

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Surgical video case: robotic upper bi-lobectomy.

Right Basilectomy with Adhesions

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Video case: right basilectomy with adhesions.