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Clinical Crown Lengthening #14

Anthony J Reganato

In this video you can see clinical crown lengthening #14 for better crown fabrication and tooth longevity. The Reganato Lecture Series.

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How To Lenghten Clinical Crown? (#14)

Anthony J Reganato

The material presents clinical crown lengthening tooth #14 for restorative success and longevity. The Reganato Lecture Series.

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Extraction-Bone Grafting-CCL Surgery

Anthony J Reganato

This video presents extraction #9 & 11 with gbr-socket bone grafting, crown lengthening #6-12. The Reganato Lecture Series.

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Gingival Grafting #11-12 Sites - 4 Week...

Anthony J Reganato

The author of this video presents alloderm gingival grafting #11-12 sites, 4 week post-op. The Reganato Lecture Series.

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Periodontal - Endodontic considerations...

Antonis Chaniotis

chaniotis endodontics, endo-perio dilemma, endodontics, differential diagnosis, clinical endodontics

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Endodontic management of higly curved messio-buccal...

Antonis Chaniotis

In every case the right treatment protocol is what works best in your hands. In this case the higly curved mesio-buccal canal was shaped with precurved hand files only. No rotary file could pass beyond...

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