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Tooth Extraction And Dental Implant Placement...

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Tooth extraction and dental implant placement procedures have significantly advanced with the integration of laser technology in dentistry. Laser technology offers several benefits in both tooth extraction...

Apicoectomy Cyst Surgery

Specialty:  Dental Surgery
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Apicectomies are usually done by oral and maxillofacial surgeons when conventional root canal treatment in not possible. To remove the Apiceoctomy cyst, the surgeon gains access by making an incision...

Apicoectomy with YSGG 2780nm Laser

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An apicoectomy, also known as root-end surgery or root-end resection, is a dental surgical procedure performed to treat certain conditions affecting the roots of a tooth. It is typically done when a previous...

Retreatment vs. Apicoectomy

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I'm answering the question about when you should retreat a tooth and when you should perform an apicoectomy. There is a way to gauge whether you should go for apicoectomy vs retreatment. 

Hemostasis Strategy During Apical Surgery - Q&A

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Dr. Nasseh answers a comment question about his strategy for hemostasis during the apicoectomy and retrofilling procedure.

Apicoectomy (Root Amputation) with Laser Under...

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Infected peri-apical cyst removal with laser YSGG wavelength 2780nm teeth 13-14. Saving teeth from extraction. Laser beam have several advantages. Main advantages of erbium lasers is absorption in water...

Apicoectomy With Erbium Laser Without Sutures...

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Attached labial frenulum removal in with laser YSGG 2780 nm without sutures. Laser has numerous advantages in surgical field. The main advantage is very good healing, without producing any scar after...

Microsurgery with Different Lasers Wavelength...

Ariel Savion

Specialty:  Periodontics
views: 3847 comments: 0

In video one can obsreve treatment with blue laser 455 nm (diode laser) durnig frenectomy in first step. In second step, I performed apicoectomy with YSGG 2780 nm laser (erbium laser) under magnification....

Apicoectomy Incisions

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This is the 1st clinical video for an apicoectomy procedure.

Rc Helicopter Break - Designing An Apicoectomy...

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Key points wrt apicoectomy flap design: Endodontic surgery is dealing with "typically" healthy gingival tissue - therefore the use of papilla sparing flap design is, perhaps, encouraged. The papilla...

Apicoectomy Flap Elevation

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Manimal - you taught me well. Here I"m elevating a full mucoperiosteal flap for apical surgery to tooth #10 (FDI #22). This is at 200% speed, so hold on!

Root Canal Surgery (Apicoectomy #10) Part 2/2

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Here is the finale to the apical surgery for tooth #10. We start at crypt development, resection and end with a beautiful segway on gortex sutures.

MTA retrofiling under the DOM

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apicoectomy with MTA retrofiling

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