Mesothelin as a New Diagnostic Marker for Ovarian Cancer

Abstract: Ovarian cancer (OC) is the most aggressive of all gynecological cancers. The disease is most frequently diagnosed at a very advanced stage, because the tumor is asymptomatic for a long time. Even then, the signs are not specific. Researchers are still looking for markers which detect OC at the early stage. Mesothelin is expected to become such marker in the future. This protein exhibits high specificity to ovarian cancer and according to clinical trials could be detected in urine, serum and ascites. Nevertheless, its accurate function in the body remains unknown. It is presumed that mesothelin is involved in the pathogenesis of ascites and tumor cell migration. Evaluation of this new molecule in women may be a chance to increase overall survival and decrease mortality rate among ovarian cancer patients.


Ewelina Wieczerzak, Karolina Okła, Anna Pawłowska, Justyna Surówka, Anna Trawicka, Iwona Wertel

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