Issue 2, June 2017

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Uterus Transplantation As A New Method In Uterine – Factor Infertility (UFI)

Pregnancy In Liver Recipients – Management And Outcome. Review.

Mesothelin As A New Diagnostic Marker For Ovarian Cancer

Recurrence of Triple Negative Breast Cancer in a 34-year Old Female Patient During the Second Pregnancy – A Case Report

The Significance of Ultrasound Prenatal Diagnosis in Optimal Therapy of the Newborn Based on a Case of Pulmonary Sequestrati

Unexpected Cause of Chronic Cough in a Pregnant Woman

Accuracy of Sonographic Fetal Weight Prediction – Evaluation of Sex-specific Formulas

Wound Healing Complications After Radical Vulvectomy-treatment With the Use of Vacuum-assisted Closure (VAC)


Issue 1, March 2017

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An Innovative Treatment of Endometriosis With the Use of Plasma Technology – Case Report

Fetal Movements Monitoring As a Still Valid Fetal Well-being Assessment Method

Colorectal Cancer During Pregnancy – Case Report And Brief Review Of The Literature

Carcinosarcoma Of The Uterus In A 30-year Old Patient – A Case Report

Diabetic Retinopathy – Risk Factors, Pathogenesis, Diagnosis And Treatment

Nasal Septum Deviation In Children – Clinical Presentation And Methods Of Treatment. A Review.

Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

Assessment Of The Incidence Of Transplant Renal Artery Stenosis (Tras) In The Early Post-transplantation Period


Issue 4, December 2016

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Hysterectomy in the 33rd Week of Pregnancy Due to Placenta Praevia – A Severe Obstetric Complication Despite Correct Diagnosis

Acute Renal Failure in the Course of Hellp Syndrome

Antenatal Corticosteroid Therapy in Management of Preterm Labor Caused by Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes – Risks and Benefits

Diagnosis and Treatment of Lower Limb Arteries True Aneurysms

The Importance of Communication In Patient-Doctor Relationship – A Review

The Influence of Enteral Nutritional Therapy on Patients’ Condition And Life Quality


Issue 3, September 2016

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Microcephaly associated with Zika virus infection – prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Understanding tokophobia phenomenon as a key to proper management

How stress and anti-stress remedies influence bone health

Infective endocarditis caused by dental problems correlated with bicuspid aortic valve


Issue 2, June 2016

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Meckel’s diverticulum resection as a part of Emergency General Surgery – single centre experience in years 2006-2014

A Model-Based Meta-Analysis Evaluating Gender Differences on Blood Flow Responses to Brachial Artery Infusions of Acetylcholin

Living kidney donor with expanded criteria for qualification _ a case report

A Clinical Trial Simulation Evaluating Epinephrine Pharmacokinetics at various Dosing Frequen…


Issue 1, March 2016

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FINDRISC scale as a common tool to assess the risk of diabetes type 2

The Prevalence Of Mycoplasma In Pregnant Women’s Genital Tracts Delivering In TERTIARY Hospital

Pregnant women with pre-existing diabetes mellitus type 2 differ from those with diabetes mellitus type 1


Issue 4, December 2015

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The use of smart glasses in healthcare – review

Demographic features of type 2 diabetes patients are associated with diabetes control in terms of primary health care

Effect of Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction on Renal Transplantation Outcomes- A Paired Kidney Analysis

Heat Stroke. Review

Is there a limit for expanding criteria of kidney donors? How far can we go?

Music therapy – history of development (part 2)


Issue 3, September 2015

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Impacted uterine myoma in a 14 week pregnant patient

Dengue vs. Leptospirosis, diagnosis and treatment from the first contact

Recurrent incisional hernia sublay repair with fully reabsorbable monofilament mesh – a case report

Dengue, for apparatus and systems

Bionic Pancreas and Bionic Organs – how far we are from the success

Fragments od bacterial DNA presence in hemodialisis patients’ blood-preliminary report


Issue 2, June 2015

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Development of a System of Care for the Living Kidney Donor

Hypertension, Cardiovascular Episodes And Lipid Profile In Living Kidney Donors In Poland – Single Centre Experience

Is Eating Seville Oranges Dangerous?

Transplantational microchimerism – an introduction to a tolerance induction or an organ donor recipient’s epiphenomenon?

Pain threshold – self- inflicted injuries with the intent to commit suicide

Arterial supply of gastric fundus in human – final results


Issue 1, March 2015

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The Use Of Platelet-Rich-Plasma In Aesthetic And Regenerative Medicine

Mysterious Knowledge – Qualification of Pancreata Suitable For Transplantation: review

Renal cell carcinoma of native and allograft kidneys in renal transplant recipients

Syphilis detection in a potential deceased organ donor

Heterotopic pancreas located in a gallbladder associated by cholelithiasis: case report

The Neuroprotective Aspects of Sleep


Issue 4, December 2014

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Histological lesions in expanded criteria renal allografts

The diversity of aminoglycoside-modifying enzymes among ESBL – positive Proteus mirabilis clinical strains

Treatment of dyspnea in the elderly – when social care gains the advantage

Eating behavior among patients with hypertension

Neoplasms – the state of knowledge among high school students

The use of stimulants among patients with diagnosed hypertension


Issue 3, September 2014

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Bleeding Meckel’s diverticulum in adults

The impact of kidney weight to recipient weight ratio (Kw/Rw) on kidney graft function after transplantation

Occult breast cancer: a challenging diagnostic and therapeutic problem

Urinary tract infection in patients after renal transplantation: evaluation of risk factors

Life – threatening bleeding nine years after kidney transplantation with Bricker – type ureterointestinal anastomosis

Kidney donor risk index assessment – analysis of current literature


msIssue 2, June 2014

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Stem Cells – general characteristic and sources

Results of Coordination of the Program of Harvesting Kidneys from Living Donors under the National Program for the Development of Transplantation Medicine on the basis of the data of the Teaching Hospital of the Infant Jesus in Warsaw in 2011-2012

The use of music therapy in reducing the level of anxiety in dentistry – the current state of research – (Part I)

Results of transplantation of kidneys from expanded criteria donors

Clinical estimate of endotoxin levels in human islet cell suspensions destined for transplantation

Assessment of risk factors of a lymphocele following kidney transplantation


msIssue 1, March 2014

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Minimally invasive donor nephrectomy for transplantation – review of surgical management

Kidney storage before transplantation with the use of machine perfusion

Early detected vascular complication following femoral artery puncture for endovascular SFA revascularisation. Case report

Simultaneous laparoscopic repair of Spiegelian and umbilical hernias using intraperitoneal mesh: case report and literature review

Heidelberg Edge Perimetry in optic nerve drusen – a case report

Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis – correlation increasing the risk of life-threatening fractures?


msIssue 1, December 2013

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Early results and technical aspects of endoscopic islets autotransplantation in a patient with contraindication to transplantation into the portal vein

Acute Urological Emergencies (AUE) in pregnancy

Construction of Medical Care System for manned mission to Mars

Modern management of dialysis center has an impact on patients’ blood pressure and calcium-phosphorus metabolism

Capgras Delusions and their link to Alzheimer’s Disease

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