Innovative Method of Cancer Treatment – Aerosol Chemiotherapy Under Pressure

Abstract: The incidence and death rate due to cancer is constantly increasing. Cancer affects not only the elderly, as one of the effects of an aging population, but also of young people, due to the increased rate of metabolism or genetic predisposition to malignancy of the cancer. The basic method of treatment of malignant tumor is chemotherapy, used in several ways, including intravenously, orally and intraperitoneally.
The new method of delivering drugs directly to the abdominal cavity, producing a pressure gradient and spraying the chemotherapeutic directly into neoplastic changes is PIPAC (Pressurized Intraperitoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy), i.e. Intraperitoneal Vacuum Chemotherapy Aerosol. The method was developed by Professor Marc Reymond from the University Hospital in Tübingen. Its aim is to improve the quality and extend the lives of patients in a palliative state. Therapy is used in patients with stomach, ovarian and large intestine cancer, it also aims to induce regression of metastases to the peritoneum. The aim of the work is to present innovative PIPAC therapy in the context of application, course and assessment of the effectiveness of the method based on the available scientific literature.

Katarzyna Kmiecik, Iga Holynska–Iwan

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