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Ankle Immobilization Using A Pillow

Dan Izzo

The video presents a quick way to immobilize the ankle using a pillow.

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How To Tap Toe Fracture?

Dan Izzo

The ways of every toe immobilisation.

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Arthroscopy - Surgery Video

Dan Izzo

Arthroscopy helps patients who suffer from chronic knee pain or a torn cartilage in the knee

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Knee Fracture Dislocation

Dan Izzo

The video presents the way of knee fracture or dislocation immobilization.

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Ankle Sprain Braces

Dan Izzo

Ankle sprain braces, which make ankle flexion and extension possible.

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Elbow Splint

Dan Izzo

The video presents the example of the elbow splint.

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Shoulder Sprain Immobilizer

Dan Izzo

The video presents the way of shoulder immobilization.

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Lower Limb Immobilization

Dan Izzo

The video presents the way of immobilization indicated in serious ankle injuries, severe ligament injuries and minor fractures.

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Spinal Fusion Surgery

Dan Izzo

Spinal fusion is a surgery that involve the fusing together two or more vertebrae of the spine.

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Shoulder Arthroscopy - Inspection With Usage...

Bartłomiej Kordasiewicz

Author presents shoulder arthroscopy - inspection with usage of a hook.

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Arthroscopy Of The Scapulohumeral Joint...

Bartłomiej Kordasiewicz

In this video you can see arthroscopy of the scapulohumeral joint using air insufflation.

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Arthroscopy- Fluid: Scapulohumeral Joint

Bartłomiej Kordasiewicz

This video presents arthroscopy- fluid: scapulohumeral joint.

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Surgical Treatment Of Pelvic Fractures

O.P. Bhandari

This medical video shows a surgical treatment of pelvic fractures using internal fixation. The fractures like these ones occur as the result of high-energy trauma with possible many other complications...

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