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Central disc herniation - Video Lecture

Nabil Ebraheim

Cauda equina and assocciated problems were precisely described.

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Cat Scratch Disease - Video Lecture

Nabil Ebraheim

Cat scratch disease (cat scratch fever) were presented in this video.

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Heel Bone Injury & Calcaneal Avulsion Fractures...

Nabil Ebraheim

Avulsion fractures of the calcaneal tuberosity and injuries of Achilles tendon were described. Video also presents urgent techniques of surgical treatment (it is important to avoid skin problems and to...

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Bursitis Elbow - Video Lecture

Nabil Ebraheim

This clip presents the elbow bursitis. The causes of olecranon bursitis and methods of treatment were presented - they consist of antibiotic therapy, injections and synovial fluid aspiration (in critical...

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Boxer's Fracture - Video Lecture

Nabil Ebraheim

This presentation show boxer fracture - axial loading of the 5th transverse neck of the metacarpal bone secondary to an indirect force.

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Body Positions Affecting the Spine and Discs...

Nabil Ebraheim

This particular video presents body positions which produce the biggest mechanical pressure on the lumbar vertebrae.

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Termites & Bacteria Infection - Video Lecture

Nabil Ebraheim

Watching this lecture will allow to know something about similarities between bacteria and termites. The treatment methods for bacterial osteitis were presented.

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Ankle Pain - Ligaments, Sprain - Video Lecture

Nabil Ebraheim

Watching this lecture will allow to learn something about the anatomy of ankle joint. Ankle joint sprain, ankle joint dislocation and methods of their treatment are also described.

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Ankle Fractures and Repair - Video Lecture

Nabil Ebraheim

Watching this lecture will allow to learn something about the anatomy, diagnosis and treatment of ankle fracture.

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Adhesive Capsulitis & Frozen Shoulder -...

Nabil Ebraheim

Watching this lecture will allow to learn something about the condition of the shoulder - adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder). An active and passive movements of the shoulder joint cannot be performed.

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Achilles Tendon Rupture - Video Lecture

Nabil Ebraheim

Watching this lecture will allow to learn something about the anatomy of the Achilles tendon and conditions which affect the tendon (inflammation, rupture, tear). Typical diagnostic tests and treatment...

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Hip Replacement Surgery

Dan Izzo

This video presents the surgery of hip joint replacement. This surgery is mostly done in older individuals who have failed to respond to conventional medications for osteoarthritis and chronic hip pain.

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Wrist Splint

Dan Izzo

Minor wrist sprain and wrist tendinitis may be effectively managed using this wrist splint.

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Tumb Splint

Dan Izzo

Tendinitis and tumb sprains can be effectively managed using this tumb splint.

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Hinged Knee Brace

Dan Izzo

This immobilazer is useful in patient who are recovering from a severe knee sprain or recent ligament reconstruction.

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External Bone Fixation

Dan Izzo

Severe tibia and fibula fracture. The video from surgery of external bone fixation.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

Dan Izzo

The video presents the new surgical technique of carpal tunnel syndrome treatment.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

Dan Izzo

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by malfunction of the median nerve.

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Carpal Tunnel Splint

Dan Izzo

The splint prevent the wrist from painfull flexing during the sleep.

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Ankle Sprain Rocket Sock Splint

Dan Izzo

Rocket sock is effective in preventing reinjury and is create for the patients who maintain the higher level of activity.

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Ankle Immobilization Using A Pillow

Dan Izzo

The video presents a quick way to immobilize the ankle using a pillow.

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How To Tap Toe Fracture?

Dan Izzo

The ways of every toe immobilisation.

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Arthroscopy - Surgery Video

Dan Izzo

Arthroscopy helps patients who suffer from chronic knee pain or a torn cartilage in the knee

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Knee Fracture Dislocation

Dan Izzo

The video presents the way of knee fracture or dislocation immobilization.

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Ankle Sprain Braces

Dan Izzo

Ankle sprain braces, which make ankle flexion and extension possible.

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Elbow Splint

Dan Izzo

The video presents the example of the elbow splint.

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Shoulder Sprain Immobilizer

Dan Izzo

The video presents the way of shoulder immobilization.

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Lower Limb Immobilization

Dan Izzo

The video presents the way of immobilization indicated in serious ankle injuries, severe ligament injuries and minor fractures.

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Spinal Fusion Surgery

Dan Izzo

Spinal fusion is a surgery that involve the fusing together two or more vertebrae of the spine.

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Shoulder Arthroscopy - Inspection With Usage...

Bartłomiej Kordasiewicz

Author presents shoulder arthroscopy - inspection with usage of a hook.

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Arthroscopy Of The Scapulohumeral Joint...

Bartłomiej Kordasiewicz

In this video you can see arthroscopy of the scapulohumeral joint using air insufflation.

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Arthroscopy- Fluid: Scapulohumeral Joint

Bartłomiej Kordasiewicz

This video presents arthroscopy- fluid: scapulohumeral joint.

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Surgical Treatment Of Pelvic Fractures

O.P. Bhandari

This medical video shows a surgical treatment of pelvic fractures using internal fixation. The fractures like these ones occur as the result of high-energy trauma with possible many other complications...

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