Goel's Technique of Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for Carcinoma Endometrium

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3 months ago

Case description

Demonstrating the Goels technique of hysterectomy for carcinoma endometrium. This innovative method is instrumental in minimizing complications in carcinoma endometrium surgeries, leading to better patient outcomes.

10 steps for safe laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery and to avoid post operative complications.

1. Ports are placed (no vaginal manipulators or myoma screws).

2. Cut round ligament, open anterior leaf of broad ligament & Identify ureter on left side.

3. Repeat steps on opposite side (Rt side).

4. Open uterovesical fold & enter retrovesical space (bladder is seperated).

5. Open posterior leaf of broad ligament on both sides and cut uterosacral ligament.

6. Open rectouterine pouch and  enter rectovaginal space (rectum is seperated)

7. (Uterus is now held on only uterine & ovarian vessels). Coagulate and cut uterine vessels.

8. Vaginal cut is given after keeping gauze in the vagina.

9. Coagulate and cut ovarian vessels and deliver specimen through vagina.

10. Vagina is closed, hemostasis achieved and ports closed.

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