Cosmetic Dental 'Failures' - When Veneer Patients Change Their Minds (Medico-Legal Series)

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4 months ago

Case description

Picture this: your patient is beaming with joy over her new veneers, giving high-fives and 5-star Facebook reviews! The next thing you know, she calls the practice demanding the removal of her veneers because her boyfriend claims she now looks like a horse (tip #1 – ditch the boyfriend!)

In this episode I’m joined by Dr. Daniel Cattell and Dr. Neel Jaiswal on Cosmetic Dental 'Failures' - When Veneer Patients Change Their Minds, how to navigate such a situation. While we hope it’s not a common occurrence, we discuss the importance of consent protocols and thorough communication in hopes to avoid such scenarios. And in case things take an unexpected turn, know the right time to reach out to your indemnity company, and how to smooth out the bumps.

Highlights of the episode:

00:00 Intro

01:34 The Protrusive Dental Pearl

04:15 Dr. Daniel Cattell

06:23 Dr. Neel Jaiswal

08:27 The scenario

10:22 Smile previews

14:06 The preparation appointment

15:45 Temporaries

23:00 Consent forms

25:06 Cement protocol

25:28 Further clinical tips

31:48 Addressing patient concerns

38:46 Professional Dental Indemnity

40:04 Mentorship

43:04 Addressing patient concerns

45:44 Getting support

48:54 Job satisfaction

51:58 Outro

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Check out Dr. Cattell on Instagram @gentledentistrybournemouth, and Dr. Jaiswal @drneeljaiswal

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