Stop Being Slow at Root Canals! Efficient RCTs with Dr Omar Ikram

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3 months ago

Case description

The problem I found with endodontics was that the more you learn, the less you can cut corners, and the longer it ends up taking!

I was keen to learn how to be more efficient with endodontics so I brought on Dr Omar Ikram to talk us through his sequencing and protocols for RCTS.

Turn those challenging appointments into seamless, lunchtime-friendly successes.

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Highlights of the episode:

00:00 Intro

05:55 How to Check if Canals Merge Together

07:35 Dr. Omar Ikram

12:10 Why endodontics?

19:27 What is root canal treatment?

22:04 The coronal seal

23:46 Posts and cores

25:53 Diagnosis

28:23 Access cavities and finding canals

39:10 Irrigation

40:31 File sequencing

43:53 Working length

49:27 Filing efficiency

51:52 Reciprocating systems

61:26 Irrigation

62:28 Active irrigation

66:55 Obturation

71:22 CBCT scans

73:17 Final remarks

75:17 Outro

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