A Geeky Discussion on Adhesive Onlays

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3 months ago

Case description

I have a quadrant isolated. Classic FM is playing in the background. The teeth are bone dry. I pick up the air abrasion unit and begin my adhesive protocol. I am well and truly in my happy place!

This week we're joined by 'Dr Ash Lifts' - a wonderful, reflective practitioner from The States. We had a great time discussing cusp preservation to material choices for onlays.

Protrusive Dental Pearl: Build in some 'indexing', 'location' and resistance form in to your onlay preps - don't just make it flat because you saw it on the 'gram!

Highlights of the episode:

02:21 Protrusive Dental Pearl

05:14 Introduction of Dr. Ashley Chung

08:54 Learning in Biomimetic Dentistry and Occlusion.

12:13 Direct composite vs Indirect onlays

16:51 Indications for ceramic onlays

17:30 Ceramic vs. Composite

20:49 Zirconia for overlays and onlays

24:14 Dr. Chung's experience with EMAX and composite.

26:12 8 different ways to prepare for an onlay.

32:01 Minimum Thickness

36:01 Factors influencing cusp preservation

38:18 Panavia vs. Heated composite

43:02 Finish lines and margins for Onlays

47:13 Cusp inclines and adapting prep design

Check out Dr Ashley Chung's Instagram here: / dr. ashlifts 

Check out Dr Ashley's website and courses: https://drashlifts.com/ contact

Courses: https://getbondedstaybonded.co. uk/

Waitlist: https://forms. gle/HBAJbK7P66dj68Vx6

If you enjoyed this episode, you will love delving deeper into the full protocol in Ceramic Onlays from Preps, Temporisation and Bonding Protocols – PDP059: https:// protrusive.co.uk/059

Did you know? You can get CPD from the Web App or Phone App and watch premium clinical videos, for less than a tax deductible Nando’s per month? Just head over to https://protrusive. app

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