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Hypertrophic Pyloric Sterosis in Infant

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Surgical video case: hypertrophic pyloric sterosis in infant. Operating time 7 min. Discharged next day with full enteral feeding. Video is not edited. 

Examination of the Adnexa and Sigmoid Colon in...

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VIdeo case: examination of the adnexa and sigmoid colon in the acute abdomen that is diagnosed as acute appendicitis is essential especially if the appendix doesn't interpret the severity of the pain.

Small Bowel Perforation in Abdominal Trauma -...

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Video case: small bowel resection and anastomosis in a young male with abdominal trauma and peritonitis for ileal perforation after have been run over by a bus. Guccione Marzio - Cucciarrè Giovanni (Palermo...

Le Forte Colpocleisis (with voice over)

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In this comprehensive surgical video, we guide you through the step-by-step procedure of colpocleisis, a highly effective surgical technique for addressing advanced uterine prolapse specially on medically...

Patient with Shut Gun to the Heart and Vessels...

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Patient with shut gun and Coronary artery damage undergone LV shut gun repair and bypass.

Patient with Post Neck Radiation Innominate Artery...

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In this video i show you how to repair arch in the post radiation phase without usage of CPB simply and impediment of brain ischemic damage and ongoing bleeding.

Extensive Tumor Resection with Direct Invasion...

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Video case: extensive tumor resection with direct invasion from LT lower lobe of lung to  LV apex an circumferential PE.

What Would A Periodontist Do? With Dr Tae Kwon...

Specialty:  Periodontics
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Join Dr Tae Kwon as he shares the details and key considerations of his Implantology cases. Case 10 - treatment of ailing dental implant with recession. 

Tracheal Stenosis Extensive Resection in Pediatric...

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Video case: arch vessels complete exposure and separation from trachea and pretracheal fascia for thoracic surgeons in order to perform extensive tracheal resection and anastomoses without usage of CPB...

‏Patient with Extensive Ascending Aorta Dissection...

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Surgical video case: patient with extensive ascending aorta dissection abd valve preserving supra coronary preservation and dean innominate artery cannula.